Handmade Wedding Cards are 'De Rigueur' at the moment!

Handmade wedding cards seem to be 'de rigueur' at present and I am all for it. 

Handmade Wedding Card Decoupage Style by Ann Henrick - Parade Handmade

I don't know when it happened but somewhere along the line I realised the value of handmade items. I suppose it comes from never being what you would call rich though I have been rich in many ways that are not measured financially.

It occurred to me that I could have anything I wanted if I simply made it, used something in a different way, which we now term 're-purposing', swopped it or up-cycled it or indeed bought it second hand. Re-using or recycling are not a new phenomena but we are becoming more aware of the necessity nowadays.

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Handmade Deluxe Wedding Card with Wedding Clothing and Cake by Ann Henrick - Parade Handmade

 There is something so joyful and special about a handmade card and that is perfection for wedding cards. They act as personal keepsakes and even family heirlooms. They can be framed as a decoration for your bedroom which can make a lovely reminder of your special romantic day.

Deluxe Handmade Vintage Style Wedding Card with Car and Cans Detail by Ann Henrick - Parade Handmade

I especially love to give a special handmade wedding card when giving gifts of money. I sometimes split wedding gifts up and give a gift and a few bob in a beautiful card. 



Multi Pack Thank You Cards are Very Handy

Multi Pack of Two Handmade Vintage Floral Style Thank you Cards - Parade Handmade

I always like to maintain a healthy stash of greeting cards and I find a thank you card pack is a great addition.

If you had to run out to buy a thank you card whenever the opportunity arose nobody would get a one. It's nice to show spontaneous sentiment and that's easier when you have a little stash. 


Anniversary Cards are on my To Do List

I not married all that long really. Six years plus. I have to say that I don't expect to get anniversary cards and don't tend to give them either. I think marriage is a private area so I leave people to their own celebrations. I prefer it too. I suppose if it's a big anniversary I could think a little differently. 

Nonetheless, I know that a lot of people like anniversary cards and it is a challenge I will set for myself. I must try to come up with something interesting and creative for people to mark their and others' milestones so to speak... Actually I have just come up with something now that I must check out....Ha! We'll see... Hmmm...

Personalised Cards

I worry about taking on to do personalised cards as I worry about being available for orders on a constant basis. In my experience people often need things right now and more so these days. I understand that when you get an idea or hear of an event you want to get on to it right away especially if the occasion is sprung on you. I get that. It is for this reason I like a stash of lovely cards.

However, offering a personalised service to the public could quickly become unmanageable especially along with everything else entailed in running a creative online business... I am looking into possibilities though... how I might be able to personalise cards without requiring time consuming work... hmmmm! Leave it with me.

Vintage Style Handmade Card with Felt Heart Hessian and Lace by Rubi - Parade Handmade

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