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Parade Handmade Latest Updates

Hi There!

The winner of the Annual Customer Prize of Parade Handmade Goodies worth €100 was Linda Phelan!


Open again after Covid-19! 

Parade Handmade is up and running after being closed during Covid-19 restrictions. Although many of the restrictions have been lifted we a very aware that social distancing and other prevention measures should be maintained both for personal protection and consideration for other people.
While we are not normally physically in contact with our customers we still sanitise our hands and packing tools where possible and use social distancing measures with the intention of hampering any resurgence of the disease in the community.


Possible Unforseen Postal Delays

 Please be assured that we make every effort to dispatch your order as quickly as possible in order to unite you with your latest purchase. Sometimes, particularly at this point in time, there could be some delays outside of our control such as Postal Delays for various reasons, mostly related to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions. Check out our shipping page here. Shipping


Blog Updates

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