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Lucky Horseshoe Fairy Doors by Liffey Forge

Lucky Horseshoe Spring '24 New Additions including these stunning sweet Fairy Doors that would lend itself charmingly to any house, flower border or green space to help create a magical atmosphere for children and adults alike. Many of the fairy doors double up as practical keyracks and would be perfect for sheds, utility rooms, stables and hallways too where keys, leashes and other small but necessary items could hang safely and tidily. 

All lucky horseshoe designs by the Liffey Forge are created from recycled and up-cycled horseshoes sourced in Ireland from far and wide. Each one is painstakingly hand painted, decorated or decoupaged using various recycled materials and techniques.

These wonderful Liffey Forge horseshoes which come with an explanatory sheet about the lucky horseshoe folklore, make perfect gifts for many occasions. Good Luck, Welcome, New Home, Congratulations, Wedding Day, New Baby, Irish souvenir, a token gesture of Good luck and Best wishes for any reason. Even a lovely 'Thank you for minding our dig/cat/mouse/house etc'. So hang a horseshoe above your door to bring you good luck, health and happiness forever more!