The Fingerless Gloved Women Tribe

'Fingerless Gloves Women'

Rich purple variegated aran hand knitted wristwarmers by Bridie Murray - Parade Handmade

It reads like the name of a tribe but it is a phrase in typical search term format. As is,  'fingerless gloves men'. 'Gloves without fingers', or whatever you call them are very popular these days. It has occurred to me that fingerless gloves and wool fingerless gloves in particular are particularly suited to particular climates.

I imagine you might want more of the full finger gloves if you live in Canada or Scandinavia. The more northerly the place most likely the bigger the hand protection needed.

Ireland Has a Temperate Cimate

Short green and yellow variegated aran wrist warmers worn by a woman holding a mug by Bridie Murray - Parade Handmade

Yes, Ireland enjoys what they call a 'temperate' climate. we are not prone to extremes in temperature, monsoons, droughts etc.

We do have what constitutes to us extreme weather but nothing like that which others have to deal with. Thus our weather can get cold and inclement but  we really do have the perfect weather for fingerless gloves of all styles and proportions.

Elegant Vintage Glamour of Gloves Without Fingers

Elegant lightweight red based but multicoloured fleece wrist warmers for women by Parade - Parade Handmade

I absolutely love gloves without fingers. I can't put it down to just one reason but I can describe what appeals to me about them.

Apart from the practicality of gloves without fingers i.e. you can carry out most daily tasks both inside and outside without having to remove them, I love the line across the back of the hand as the fingers fall away delicately from the material.

The hand is framed. The line can be delineated by ribbons and velvet, embroidered lace or even beading with pearls and gemstones. The line can be curved or even obscured by all sorts of romantic decoration. The hand is captured in a beautiful frame of sumptuous materials and the rings and fingernails further embellish the scene.They protect but also emphasise the curve of the wrist. I could go on..

The Tribe of the Fingerless Gloves Men

Varuegated brown and grey hand knitted aran wrist warmers for men by Bridie Murray - Parade Handmade

Ha! Men actually do wear fingerless gloves. However, it seems to me that the men who wear them are either the more artistic types. The Johnny Depp types, (not that I'm sure he actually wears them).. but you know what I mean. The kind of guy who has an artistic/actor/writer/painter vibe or job.

Then there's the other kind of men who actually need them for work. Where the temperature is dry but cold like packing in warehouses or even computing in Winter are typical scenarios, to name but a few.

These days where we have finally realised it could be a good thing to heat the person and not the environment, fingerless gloves can come in very handy. (Pardon the pun.)

Wool Fingerless Gloves

Chunky green and peach hand knitted aran wrist warmers for ladies by Bridie Murray - Parade Handmade

Knitted wool fingerless gloves are possibly the most popular type because of their flexibility but felted wool can offer similar flexibility with a different and more formal or refined appearance.

Nonetheless, wool fingerless gloves can be really adventurous in colour and style and offer endless opportunity for creativity to the creator.

Wool is a warm material whether crocheted, knitted or felted. It is great for those with arthritis and other problems with joints. One lady who liked to do wet felting wanted to order a pair of short wool aran wrist warmers so she could wear them even when felting. Obviously she could make a lovely felt pair for herself but she wanted an Aran style but wasn't an knitter.

Why do Gloves Without Fingers Make Great Gifts

Multicoloured fleece wristwarmers with lace and button detail by Parade - Parade Handmade

Gloves without fingers are a handy thing to have in your drawer. They can be practical and/or fashionable but they can also enhance your outfit.

They are an easy gift as the length of the hands doesn't come into play and therefore the size is easier to estimate. They are warm, practical and fashionable. You can embellish to your hearts content and it would never seem overboard or keep to a pared back style to suit a totally different taste. What more could you look for in a gift?

Wristwarmers Galore

 We love a good stock of varied wrist warmers at Parade Handmade. You can check them out here below.

Felt wristwarmers at the drawing board stage by Parade - Parade Handmade

We have new styles coming along all the time and are designing some new felt and hand knitted at the moment.

Our in-house wrist warmers are developed through various processes such as from recycled woolen jumpers, mohair knitting wool discovered in a charity shop and from scratch from wool roving which us a special form of wool prepared for a wet felting process. 
We are expecting a drop of short hand knitted wrist warmers from one of our suppliers very soon also. That is very exciting.






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