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Eyeglasses Chains

Multi-coloured eyeglass chains created from a kaleidoscope of pretty glass beads in varied patterns and cuts. 68cm/26.5" Approx long.

Pretty eyeglass chains or glasses chains are great in many ways. They add a little colour and glamour to your look and dispense with the need to wear a necklace, not to mention the practicality of having your glasses in easy reach at all times.

So many of us must switch glasses so often or take them on and off in order to jump between seeing near and far objects. So I've come up with some lovely eyeglasses chains. These pretty glasses chains have been made in a multi-coloured bead mix with glass beads where the focal beads on the strand are blue hearts with a pretty millefiori floral pattern - This was my choice especially for Spring.

These eyeglass chains are handmade in limited editions so you know you have something quite unique.