Beautiful Birthday Cards and Other Greeting Cards Convey Sentiment

Beautiful Handmade Birthday Cards

Vintage Style Birthday and Congratulations Handmade Greeting Card Pack of Two - Parade Handmade


Who doesn't love getting beautiful birthday cards? These days you would be forgiven for thinking it could be a rare thing to send or receive a birthday card with all the digital equipment we surround ourselves with. However, you would be incorrect in your assumption.

People still love to get birthday cards it seems. I suppose it has to do with the fact someone takes the time out from everything else that vies for their attention to actually chose an appropriate card for you. For then to write it and send it or give it to you is just shy of miraculous, when you think of it. We all like to be remembered.


Birthday Cards Online

Thinking of You and Happy Birthday Vintage Style Handmade Greeting Cards - Parade Handmade


Although I am all about the handmade industry, sustainability and vintage style, I appreciate birthday cards online. Well, we actually sell birthday cards online along with other handmade greeting cards. The card I am referring to presently are the digital online birthday cards.

Traditionally I have never veered toward anything that wasn't tactile but I have come to appreciate the creativity and design in them since I have begun to receive them from afar. 

What to Do with Old Greeting Cards 

Handmade Wedding Card with Yellow Background and Bride and Groom Clothes - Parade Handmade


I really love greeting cards and beautiful stationery in general. I find it extremely hard to throw any of them out and I have to have that conversation with myself while summonsing my inner Marie Kondo, in order to throw out even some of them. I find all sorts of reasons to keep them.


Apart from anything, in the interests of sustainability, I have methods of sparing the greeting cards I get from landfill....

There is the framing method. I keep some as bookmarks too and if I am feeling creative, which is often I suppose and if I feel I have the time, I will attach a beautiful card received to a boring notebook cover. This decorates it, makes my surroundings better along with it and reuses and recycles old card. 

Handmade Cards are a Special Treat

Art Deco Mix Handmade Greeting Card Pack of 3 - Parade Handmade


Handmade cards are my special treat. To make or to buy. If designing them there are not enough hours in the day to carry out all the techniques and possible designs. This is always the thing that bugs me most about a creative life. Only some ideas actually make it to fruition. I suppose this distills the inspiration so that the quality is the best it can be but I don't know. It is still a bit of a curse.


I also receive beautiful handmade cards from other people or buy some to add to my arsenal of ready to hand stationery, which is crucial to me. I am definitely not going out expressly to buy a card. I like to have a stash of beautiful cards to choose from and that way I have choice and all the time in the world to curate my collection from where I can choose appropriate cards for particular people. If all else fails and I have time, I can make one.

Greeting Cards Inspire Emotion and Convey Sentiment

Handmade Greeting Card Plastic Free Packaging - Parade Handmade


Greeting cards can inspire all sorts of emotions and convey sentiments that expensive gifts may not. I always find expensive gifts overwhelming as I feel I don't appreciate expense for the sake of it and so I don't encourage it.


I prefer to buy expensive things for myself if they are needed but only then. Personal and appropriate hand picked gifts and handmade greeting cards really inspire me. They warm the heart like nothing else. They simply say we know you and this is your special day, we support you and you are loved... 💞🖋✉


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