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Hi There,

If your querie is not answered here please contact me at or text a message to 0879864642. The chances are if you are experiencing a problem with something then others are too and if I know about it I can try to help and rectify it. Thank you.

Q.1. Is there a minimum order?

Answer: No

Q.2. When an item is sold out can I expect to find more at a later date?

Answer: Sometimes. It depends on the supplier and the handmade nature of the product. Some are unique, one-off pieces whereas others may be created similar in very short runs. Certain product lines are repeated by the producer so they continue to become available even though they may be out of stock for a while.

Q.3. Are products sold on Parade Handmade one-off, unique creations?

Answer: Where many items are indeed one of a kind, never to be repeated or are limited edition pieces, there are those that are repeated often, due to popularity and demand. Since no two hand crafted pieces could ever be identical, you will always have a special and unique piece whichever the case.

We also stock many art products. Some are original pieces and some are printed items featuring our artwork/paintings and designs such as posters, tote bags and other apparel and accessories. It is always made very clear if the item in question is original, where the blanks are sourced, printing carried out and who created the art work/design.

Q.4. Is it possible to order bespoke/special order through Parade Handmade?

Answer: Special orders through Parade Handmade can only be made for products that are produced by Lapanda Designs jewellery. 

Q.5. If I have a problem, return or a query relating to a product made by a Parade Handmade supplier or Parade Handmade directly, who do I contact? CONTACT HERE

Answer: Always contact Parade Handmade with queries relating to products shown on or bought from our website. We will work diligently to respond promptly to your querie.

Q.6. Can I buy a gift certificate/voucher for Parade Handmade?

Answer: Yes, digital gift certificates/vouchers are available in various denominations. You will find the under 'Gift Vouchers' in the main menu.

Q.7. I already have a gift certificate from the original shop 'Parade', can I redeem it on Parade Handmade?

Answer: Yes. Contact us via email, messenger or telephone and we will be happy to arrange for you to utilise your credit on Parade Handmade or recieve a refund.

Q.8. How does PayPal Express Work?

Answer. If you are checking out by using PayPal Express, you are first taken to the PayPal page to enter your credit card information and billing address. After this step, you’re shown available shipping methods.

By using PayPal Express you are taken passed the usual checkout procedure with address entry and contact details etc. You have already registered and verified your payment methods and addresses with PayPal so payment should be a lot quicker.