Can You Tell Vintage Earrings and Antique Earrings Apart?

Amanda Coen

Vintage Earrings and Antique Earrings can be Hard to Tell Apart

Dreamy Delight Earrings By Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Dreamy Delights, 'Floral Jewels', By Lapanda Designs

Most people use these terms interchangeably for all sorts of things like old furniture or memorabilia. That muddies the water.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that 'vintage' means, from an earlier generation at least 20 years old. Over 40 is considered a more respectable age for a vintage item. 'Antique', refers to something that is 100 years old or more, give or take. Therefore, some things that are vintage can also be antiques but only if they are 100 years old or more and antiques are generally vintage items but the term 'antique' carries more weight and give more value usually.


How Vintage Earring and Antique Earring Styles Influence Current Fashion

Dreamy Delignt Earrings,'Floralicious', By Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

'Floralicious', Dreamy Delignts By Lapanda Designs

Many designers embrace vintage or antique styles to create new pieces. I love the influence of earlier eras and styles on current creativity especially Victorian style, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau among others.
Many of Lapanda Designs creations have a hint of vintage or antique about them. Where I appreciate clean lines and contrasting colours I am drawn toward the romanticism and style of bygone eras. Draped materials in clothing and home decor, chintz curtains, table cloths, dresses and floral designs in every conceivable item. I love embellishment with beads and a flourish of tulle on a head piece. I particularly love the relatively recent 'Steam Punk' style which encompasses Victorianna, industrial revolution and futuristic imagination. It's a darker take on romance including lace, leather, cogs and wheels, flying machines and various animals and the list goes on. I find it best to describe my work not as vintage earrings but vintage style earrings and the same goes for antique earrings though when writing sometimes word space won't allow for the extra word 'style'. In most cases the customer will know the item is brand new and so it just in this style.

The Romance of Vintage Earrings or Antique Earrings

Dreamy Delight Earrings, 'Romantic Dog Roses', by Lapanda Designs

 Everyone was taken by the series 'Downton Abbey'. However, most people wouldn't agree with the politics and the airs and graces that kept people 'in their places'.

Nonetheless, as an imaginary place and style, it was fascinating. The opulence and elegance is so attractive. The series brought us through a few different decades so there are various vintage influences in the decor and dress style.

I particularly love the 20's influence on the women's wardrobe. This was the time when women were awakening from a long time of oppression and the WW1 was over too. Women had had to keep things going when men were at war and fighting for freedom. This was time when women began to realise their worth and that they were every bit a good a men and better at some things. They began to make their own decisions and place in the world and not to simply comply with what others thought they should think, do and believe.


Long slinky necklaces

Blue Lariat Beaded Necklace By Lapanda Designs

Long slinky necklaces and the chandelier antique looking earrings and dresses are so sensual and express such a fun loving, adventurous and carefree attitude. Who wouldn't want to borrow a little of that? Real vintage earrings or antique earrings can cost a few bob but not as much as you may think.

I used to love ogling the jewellery in the Delphi antique shop upstairs in the Powers Court Centre near Grafton Street in Dublin. I'm not sure if it is still there. I just checked actually it is! If you really would like an antique piece then it pays to go to a reputable dealer who you can trust and that's not to say you will have to spend a fortune. It means that you can be sure of the provenance of a particular piece and be sure that is is not a replica or a modern copy. Copying someones work is not ethical either so a vintage earring or antique earring designed in the 'style' is much more preferable than a copy of an old piece, in the main.


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