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What is so Special about One of a Kind Earrings?

Amanda Coen

So What's the Big Deal about One of a Kind Earrings?

I'll start off by saying that it probably depends on your point of view whether one of a kind earrings are your thing.

Dreamy Delight Earrings Floral by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

If you are like me then you abhor the sameness of things. The lethargy of everything being equally urbane. Everything being mediocre and even. Variety is energetic and reassuring for me. The spark of something new, something remarkable, is lovely. A painting, an idea or a design with a bit of personality to pierce the banal usual offering.

Many People Crave Fashion not One of a Kind Earrings for Example

Many people love to be current. They love to show that they have the latest bag by so and so or the latest watch by so and so else.

Beads and Jewellery making tools scene of Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

One of a kind earrings for example wouldn't work for them as they won't show how up to date they are. It's a badge of success to have the latest accessory for them. It doesn't matter often, if they actually like it. They will get to like it because they are told it is great.

Some people chase the next thing they are told to follow. I really hate that about consumerism. Don't get me wrong. Consumerism is not all bad. It makes work for people and gives purpose to people's lives. It is the massive personal power people hand over to marketing companies who have them in their grip. Willing victims ready for brainwashing. Upwardly mobile and dying for the next new thing to become a slave to. It's ironic.

The Gold is in the Unique and Unusual

Unique and unusual earrings really do it for me. I mean both for the buying, gifting and creating.

Floralicious one for a kind Dreamy Delight Earrings from Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

If an item is a one off, I feel it is imbued with the energy of the creative spirit or put another way filled with creative energy. A flash in time that brings something beautiful forth. If you then have to stop and repeat the design over and over an immediate numbness descends and creative flow is halted, like putting up a dam. It is even worse when a piece is mass produced. That is why I love handmade and that is also why I started the 'Dreamy Delight Earrings' collection as part of Lapanda Designs.

I often make limited editions and repeat many items that are popular or in demand with Lapanda Designs but I wanted to have a line where each piece was a total one off. That is where Dreamy Delight Earrings are different from the norm.
Limited editions are a way of monetising the effort without diluting the energy too much. It is a necessary activity sometimes if you make your living by selling your handmade wares. Creating new things is both time and energy consuming and difficult to do all the time, all be it a lovely thing to do. Unusual earrings draw me like hearing a new joke. I want to enjoy the newness and I want them to tweak my curiosity.

My favourite unusual silver earring creator is...

Alan Ardiff

I love this designer's craftsmanship, attention to detail and a playful creative spirit. He works in gold too and makes a whole range of intricate jewellery.

Some day I will acquire a piece. A pendant perhaps with gold and silver and some unusual earrings too!

Where to Source Unusual Earrings

By their very nature handmade earrings can be extremely unusual and unique. Many designers hate to repeat items as it is not really in the nature of a designer to repeat but to create something new as an expression of their inspiration.

Mad About Tea one of a kind Dreamy Delight Earrings from Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

In my opinion you will find wonderful raw creativity when you trawl handmade fairs, markets and craft shops too. If you know the work of a particular designer then buying online can be good too.

Etsy is packed to the gunnels with creative work too and sometimes you can get a great bargain if you are careful about your choices. Unusual earrings abound there and many other things too. On the down side I find big places a bit overwhelming.

Besides I like to Support Local

I have always held the belief that inclusion is the most important thing when it comes to people. It comes from moving around so much as a child.

I know what it means to be on the outside looking in or at least being made to feel that that is what I was doing. I fact we are all on the inside no matter where we find ourselves because there is no outside.

I have learned that it is wasting valuable time and energy to perpetuate distinction between 'us and them'. With this in mind, regardless of where I find myself, I like to support other people where I can and it is usually easier and very satisfying to support people near me. Therefore, I like to support local. Although there are many opportunities to buy lovely things from far away I always try locally first in case there is something wonderful under my nose.

You will find unusual earrings and even one of a kind earrings 'Dreamy Delights', on Parade Handmade and many other interesting locally produced gifts and treasures.

Romantic Dog Roses one off earrings from Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

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