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Boho Jewellery

Whispers of Spring - Boho Jewellery - Garden Collection by Lapanda Designs

Welcome. I'm glad you've arrived here.

This is where I showcase my latest Boho Jewellery collections for my Gift Guides in general. This is part of my 'Whispers of Spring Gift Guide - Garden Collection 2024'.

My inspiration comes from many places including my customers' and newsletter members' preferences and suggestions. Many of us share a love of nature, gardens, florals and the seasons plus more but this is what I have focused on this time round. Spring is the perfect time to celebrate and embrace renewed energy and renewal of nature and ourselves after dormancy hiberation during the Winter months.

I particularly love a bohemian vibe. During Spring and Summer it envelopes a certain freedom and abandon in creative projects and projects a joy of life. The lack of restriction or rigidity helps to soothe the many stresses that come with living and negotiating today's world. It encourages a feeling that everything is OK and will be ok and the wheel of life keeps turning. For me it helps me focus on all that's good, natural and vibrant. Everything is possible.