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Hi Everybody and Welcome!

It is truly nippy out but it really makes for cosy times with just a little bit of organisation. The Winter duvet is back in action. The soups are taking over from the salads, the fires are lit and we are back reading and crafting!! Yay hey hey! 

Blonde Lady Wearing a Black Leather Jacket and Stripey Dress Swirling A Mid Blue Silk Scarf Around Her Shoulders

The more time you have the more you squeeze in. Right? So you never have more time really in the end. What's the answer? Do less. Have more time....but it's so much more fun to do more...Love-Your-Craft and craft on everybody!!..That's what I say!

By the way, we have a Special Promotion on Ditsy Designs. 15% OFF All Ditsy Designs Products, running until the 15th November 2019! Gettemwhileukan!

Ditsy Designs produces fab stocking fillers and imaginative, quirky gifts for creative people the whole year through. Check out the Ditsy Designs section under Giftware!! 

The Mayo Dark Skies Festival is on this weekend coming. 1st-3rd November. With the clear skies promised it looks like it's gonna be a korker and not to be missed this year! There is a sparkly line up of eminent scientists, astronomers and astronauts coming as usual and a fantastic live music concert by 'SYSTIR', in St Patricks Church, Newport, on Friday night, opening night at 7pm, followed by tea and coffee in the Hotel. 

There is a special app you can download to your phone from their website (link below), so you can have all the details, dates and appointments at your fingertips. Plus, I believe, there is the usual complimentary bus running between Newport, Mulranny and Ballycroy, so you don't need to worry if you don't have vehicle at your disposal or don't want to drive. Get all the details at Don't miss out!

There's a lot going on at the moment actually, even besides our Mayo Dark Sky Festival. Keep and eye out for Francois Gunning's Art Work and that of other artists at the Westival Art Gallery on Castlebar Street, Westport opposite the Plaza Hotel!

Great News!! You can now buy directly from our Shop  on the Parade Handmade Facebook page!! Yay!!

There are so many great products in Parade Handmade to talk about but so little opportunity to tell people about them fully.  The products are produced for the most part in the west of Ireland and many from Newport itself where Parade Handmade is from. You can keep up to date with our 'Parade Handmade Gazette', by subscribing. Subscribers get access to exclusive offers and more info about suppliers latest work too!

I will post much more often too on and and

from now until the end of the year as more products are added to the website and Facebook shop, so everyone can continue get an idea of the great new products you can buy on Parade Handmade and collect free of charge from Ashling's (if you can swing by withing the week).  Don't forget to mention if you need to avail of our Free Gift Wrapping Service!

Meanwhile, Enjoy the festivities happening all around this time of year, enjoy our beautiful Autumn weather and thank you for reading!

Take care, 'till the next installment, Amanda

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oh pps..I saved this quote on Pinterest..I think it's quite timely..

'Every time you get dressed remember: If you die, that's your ghost outfit forever!'

Nice!! Heeee!

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