These Very Exciting Times

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These Very Exciting Times

The best way to approach these very challenging times, to my mind, is to carry on as normally as possible. Calmly and quietly, unless of course you have reason to make a bit of noise. Follow the guidelines, try to have positive outlook while striving to make the most of every opportunity. Try not to see everything in an all or nothing way.
Going by all you see and hear on the internet, news and media channels, it seems that the way to survive the insecurities, difficulties and inconveniences caused by the latest Covid-19 lock down news, is to try harder, shout louder, run more, read more, eat more, wade through more information than is humanly possible and generally add more fuss and worry to your to do list. It can often feel like very exciting times and it is hard not to get swept up in the commotion. We cannot live on a constant high in terms of fun or worry and anxiety. We need a plan.

Keeping It Simple

Deal with problems as they arise, just as you always do and to keep going in the general direction you have planned, sounds like a good idea to me. Help the people around you who actually need your help specifically or who you have promised to help, such as family, friends, someone you know who would appreciate a little input from you, perhaps a charity or two, a local cause or efforts. Try to have a balanced attitude and be courteous towards other people.  That is usually enough for anyone to manage. In other words 'Keep it Simple'. No panic, no rush, just consistency. It is a concept we are all familiar with. However, keeping it simple is becoming more and more difficult for people.

People Want To Do Some Good

Internet use is on the increase. Whoever thought that possible? There is now a constant flow of information coming at everyone from everywhere. From there, the television and the media in general. About politics, religion, wars, crime, education, environment issues, accidents, pandemics, housing crises, conspiracy theories, health issues, rent spikes and the list goes on...

We were not made to take on so much responsibility and so much worry as individuals and yet people want to do some good if they can. We cannot have a noticeable and positive effect on that many issues at anyone time or even over a life time however. Of course we become overwhelmed. Of course it seems like life is hard when we are encouraged by well timed hype and hysteria to somehow give away yet more of our emotional energy to every and any crisis out there. 


 We Have  A Responsibility

So what should we do with all of this onslaught? How far should we take our feelings of responsibility and awareness? How much are we expected to do? What can we do during the restrictions due to the Corona Virus or any other restrictions imposed from outside ourselves? Well, we can make ourselves a plan of action. A sort of code to live by. Decide how thin you can spread yourself emotionally, physically and financially. Decide what you can truly effect and what you want to do with good effect. Spreading yourself too thin helps no one. Try to follow your own guidelines in so far as they don't negatively effect others and 'KEEP IT SIMPLE'. 


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