A Sneak Peek into Parade Handmade's Spring Gift Guide 2024

Amanda Coen

Embroidered daisy pattern for my new cosmetics bag collection - Parade Handmade
As we inch slowly toward the blossoming of spring, I'm thrilled to offer you an exclusive sneak peek into the work going on behind my upcoming Spring Gift Guide. This guide is not any old collection; it's kind of a collaboration of creative ideas and personal touches including the wonderful suggestions from many of my cherished newsletter members.

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Thoughtful Gifts for Every Occasion:

'Gifting is an art, they say and I've got you covered', (sounds a bit like a Humphrey Bogart impression but it's true..) I aim to make my Spring Gift Guide a creative resource of thoughtful handmade gifts for a variety of occasions all of which appeal to the sort of person who finds themselves part of or attracted to this little artsy corner of the internet and of the world. Whether it's a birthday, thank you gift, or just a spontaneous gesture of love, you might find a suitable and special something, unique and handmade, to make a moment special. 

Floral detail of my Spring Beret Collection - Parade Handmade

Embracing Spring with Stylish Berets:

Get ready to crown your spring outfits with a touch of relaxed style and elegance! Yes, my very own Spring Beret Collection has been in the works for a while now. I want to reflect the chic and lively themes suggested by our community. From natural hues to floral motifs, each beret will be a little piece of wearable art crafted with love and creativity.

Functional and Stylish: Cosmetics Pouches & Phone Holders:

Discover a pretty blend of functionality and style with my dainty cosmetics pouches, pencil cases and phone holders. Practical accessories need not be dull; each piece is designed to add a touch of whimsy to your daily practical essentials. Stay organised and light hearted wherever you go.

Embroidered floral patterns for my new Spring Collections - Parade Handmade

Personalised Touches for You:

 I believe in the beauty of personalisation. It can be impossible to encorporate last minute but it can be accomplished with advanced notice.

Some items in my Spring Gift Guide lend themselves to being customised to add that extra special touch. Possible options include initials on pouches to tailored colors. I want each piece to feel uniquely yours.

Personalised beret from my new Spring Collections saying 'Love Boho' - Parade Handmade

Your Preferences, My Inspiration:

The Parade Handmade loyal customers and newsletter members suggestions and preferences are at the heart of this guide.

Your feedback has inspired every stitch and pattern, making this collection a true reflection of the Parade Handmade spirit. Thank you for being a guiding inspiration behind all of this creativity.

Floral motifs feature in my new collections as requested - Parade Handmade

Anticipation Builds:

As the creators work diligently, the anticipation for the Spring Gift Guide is building. I am as excited as you are to unveil these creations. Make sure you Get The Newsletter! Then keep an eye on your inbox for the official launch date. This spring, let's embrace creativity and handmade elegance together.

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New Possibilities

A new season brings new possibilities. My favouorite expression which gets me moving when I'm feeling sluggish or any kind of inertia is, 'You never know what will happen in a day'. Parade Handmade's Spring Gift Guide is a testament to that.

From stylish berets to personalised treasures and I'm restocking some of your favourite items. The beautiful 'Seathrift' and 'Hydrangeas' art cards by Nuala Brett-King along with all of the completely new items of curiousity will feature.

I am curating a collection that embodies the essence of spring and the creativity of the incredible suppliers to Parade Handmade and the ralliers and supporters without whom any of it would be possible. Get ready to embrace the beauty of handmade artistry.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let the countdown to the Spring Gift Guide launch begin!

Warm wishes, Amanda

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