Refashioned Horseshoes of Thoroughbreds and Work Horses make great Horseshoe Wedding & Christmas Gifts

Amanda Coen

Horseshoe Gifts for all Occasions, by Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade

Horseshoe Gifts

'Blacksmiths worked with elemental fire and magical iron and were believed to possess special powers.'Lucky Horseshoe Folklore, Liffey Forge

While most people agree that when given a horseshoe it is best to hang it above a doorway to spread good luck, there's actually no consensus on whether to hang it pointing up or down. Pointing down fans say luck will be spread to all who pass under the shoe. Pointing up fans say luck will run out unless it's hung with points up as all the good luck and energy will be stored inside. Horseshoes are ancient symbols of good luck. They are amongst the more traditional gifts at a wedding though many people buy them for all sorts of reasons. New home gifts, engagement gifts, travel gifts and any other kind of situation where luck would be much appreciated. They lend toward certain styles of interior but are unobtrusive so that they are a safe choice as a gift in general as they will blend in anywhere and it is traditionally accepted that they are imbued with the power to bring you good luck, health and happiness your whole life through. What more could you ask for? Horseshoe gifts vary too so if you shop around you will find all sorts of horseshoe gifts in different styles, colours and even with extra functions like as key racks.
 Horseshoe Gifts for all Occasions by Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade

Horseshoe Gift Ideas

 Steampunk Horseshoe Gift Ideas by Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade

If you are looking for horseshoe gift ideas then you have come to the right place. We at Parade Handmade love all traditional and vintage inspired things. We also love fairy tales and  the magical feeling that certain gifts bring such as horseshoes, fairy doors (sometimes made with horseshoes) and other whimsical items. Rustic horseshoe gifts by Liffey Forge are a particularly popular gift as there is such a natural earthy authentic feel about them. Crafty, imaginative and so well made. They are hard to beat. We stock horseshoe fairy doors that are mounted on thick beautiful grainy wood for placing outside on fairy tree stumps or even inside on your skirting boards or at the bottom of stairs to let the fairies in and out of their home! There are key racks in various finishes and even some with a cool contemporary 'Steampunk' style. What is that? Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting (think Victorian styling) and typically features imaginary steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. There is a whole Steampunk fashion style to go with this topic and lends itself perfectly to the imagination! We stock pretty and romantic floral themed horseshoes too with ribbons to hang them and there are some small oval ones with a nautical theme. There are so many beautiful ones you should really take a look!
Steampunk Good Luck Horseshoe Gift, By Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade

 A Horseshoe Wedding Gift

Horseshoe Wedding Gift, By Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade

Wedding gifts can be challenging. Everybody loves money of course and it can come in very handy around the time of the wedding. However it is lovely to give something traditional to mark the occasion so to speak. Something that will remind you in years to come of the warmth and support surrounding your marriage and something that will bring you down memory lane and give you that fuzzy feeling somewhere in your future. Money can't do that. My trick is to choose a lovely small gift for luck and posterity such as a wedding horseshoe keepsake and give a few bob too. It doesn't have to be a white horseshoe with pearls or anything though sometimes that would be perfect. Something more rustic perhaps with a function such as a horseshoe key rack where you  can hang your keys or dog leads etc? Horseshoes remain today a very traditional and romantic gift regardless of the style. You could never go wrong.


Horseshoe Gifts For All Occasions by Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade



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