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Hand Knitted Hats are Always Fashionable in Ireland

Amanda Coen

Why do we Love Hand Knitted Hats so Much in Ireland?

Well I suppose it could be a case of having to. What do I mean? Well, even if you think they don't really suit us sometimes, we need them. A common sense thing. It is better to embrace them than to make them your enemy.

Grey and Yellow Hand Knitted Hat By Shoreline - Parade Handmade


Let's face it we have very unpredictable weather in Ireland. It is not just of late with the climate change phenomena either. It has always been that way. Everyone is aware of our great changing weather patterns. Raining one minute and drizzling the next. Then misty rain and 'ah sure it's just a sun shower' to 'it's a soft day thank God', etc. We have great winds that blow and more that gust and even more that buffet. They come all together or with the clouds They come alone or with the sun, snow, frost, sleet. blizzards, lightening storms etc. They can even arrive all in the same day. We get it all.

Homemade Knitted Hats for a Muse

Pill Box Style Homemade Knitted Hat By Jo's Knits - Parade Handmade

Even the poorest of Irish farmers and fishermen way back in time had access to wool from the sheep and the outdoor life that warranted warm apparel. There began a lifelong relationship with homemade knitted hats and other hand knitted items.

Cream Cable Handmade Knitted Hats by Shoreline - Parade Handmade


When you are a child in Ireland, not necessarily on a farm either or much less the child of a fisherman but an average child anywhere, then any auntie or grandmother who can knit will be busy kitting you out with all sorts of homemade knitted hats and scarves. You could even be in luck and get other items of handmade clothing and toys. In these times of plenty it is a great outlet for a creative person to have a muse to create for. When you are very young you probably don't realise the value of what you are receiving. You couldn't understand all the love and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces. You may even be unappreciative of them when you hit your teenage years too as other more 'trendy' or 'fashionable' labels are marketed in your direction. I think it's later in life when you really appreciate the quality and wholesomeness of handmade clothing. It is very spoiling to wear handmade knitted hats I have to say. I have knitted a few myself. First in school and the odd one during my life but I'm not a knitter. I have friends who are and boy are they something. When I was a child I was gifted a hand knitted aran jumper by an aunt of my father. I really didn't know it's value until years later.

Hand Knitted Hats are Affordable Luxuries

Wool is expensive and good wool even more. Couple that with time and expert craftsmanship and you have yourself something very valuable. If you don't have a talented relative then a jumper can be a very expensive buy. As it should be.

Handmade Knitted Hats By Shoreline - Parade Handmade


Handmade knitted hats can be an alternative to buying the whole kit and caboodle. Being a relatively small piece of work makes it an affordable luxury. Great handmade knitted hats don't necessarily come with a big price tag. You can acquire one from approximately €20. That is not bad at all considering what you might pay for a machine knitted one. 

Cream Cable Handmade Knitted Hat By Jo's Knits - Parade Handmade
Hand knitted hats come in all shapes an sizes too. You might think that a 'woolly hat' doesn't suit you. I beg you to reconsider. Do what we did as young women. My best school friend and I slipped into Clery's in O'Connell St. one day just to try on all the hats to see what suited us, if any. It is very surprising what you can find out if you give it a try. It all depends on your face shape and head. I am convinced there is a style to suit everybody. Even with hand knitted hats there is one for everybody. I like generous ones with a big turn up or slouchy ones with lots of give. Something not too stiff. They lend themselves to styling. I always like generous clothing with beautiful fabric and colours.

Mustard Coloured Homemade Knitted Hat By Shoreline - Parade Handmade

I have spoiled myself and the odd friend or relative with luxurious and various hand knitted hats. I can't explain the pride and pleasure I feel when wearing my homemade knitted hats and one or two hand knitted jumper investments I have bought myself over time. I don't as a rule wear expensive clothing but err towards the up-cycled, recycled and second hand item. However, there are a few things I love to splash out on from time to time and that is invariably something handmade. I am absolutely passionate about and support all things handmade and homemade. Parade Handmade provides a platform for me to champion handmade products from Ireland. They have a heart and soul I am familiar with and a quality all of their own. I am proud to wear Irish made. It is a great luxury to me.

Teal Cable Homemade Knitted Hat by Jo's Knits - Parade Handmade



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