The Art of Gifting: Turning the Festive Rush into 'Me Time'

Amanda Coen

Enjoying The Festive Season

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Gifting is an experience for both the gifter and the giftee, and here are my tips for enjoying the experience of gifting and creating a lovely experience.

I once heard a heartwarming story about a couple with an extensive Christmas card list. They used to book a room in a hotel, spend the night by the fireside with a favourite tipple, and set about writing their cards until the work was completed. While I don't go to such lengths, I do love turning the task into a bit of 'me time' at home.

Many of us love to give gifts, especially during the holidays. However, with the multitude of people close to our hearts, the process of choosing, organizing, and wrapping gifts can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be.

Creating Your Christmas List

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I absolutely enjoy wrapping and presenting gifts, which is why I offer FREE gift wrapping all year round with Parade Handmade orders. However, stress can creep up if I feel rushed during personal gift wrapping at home. So, I want to share with you my Christmas List recommendations followed by top tips for getting organised and enjoying the process. HOHOHO!

Christmas Gift & Card List

Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and a cuppa for the fun. Starting with 'Names' at the top left, make a quick list of all the people you wish to buy gifts for and/or send cards to. Group these names into families or households.

Draw columns for GIFT IDEAS, Budget, Bought?, Wrapped?, Last Post Date, Sent?, CARD Written?, Last Post Date, Sent? After creating this list, you can tick off completed tasks and see clearly what still needs to be done.
Start with final postage dates to organise early. For convenience, here's a quick link to An Post’s Last Days for Posting for Christmas!

Organizing Your Gifts

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Remember not to leave everything until the last minute. Buy a few small generic gifts that everyone would like, just in case. Consider giving a family medley of gifts for less pressure and more fun.

Break your gifting 'Me time' into parts. Make a list, fill in gift ideas, collect all your gifts, decide on a wrapping theme, and then enjoy a quiet morning or evening labelling your gifts efficiently.

Place gifts for posting in one bag near your front door and keep gifts for gifting in separate bags for different groups or families. Keep all gifts for your home in a secret place until it’s time to place them under the tree or give them directly.
Remember, gifting is more than exchanging objects; it's about creating cherished experiences. By approaching it with a sense of 'me time,' you can turn the process into a joyful journey.
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For more festive inspiration, explore my Christmas Gift Guide and ensure your thoughtful gifts reach their destination on time with An Post’s Last Days for Posting for Christmas.
Wishing you a season filled with warmth, joy, and the delight of giving.
Until next time, Amanda

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