Who Puts Christmas Gnomes in The Attic?

Amanda Coen

Gnomes in the Attic

 A Bunch of Cute Christmas Home Decor Gnomes by Parade Handmade

If you look up 'gnome' online and synonyms of that word you will find that gnomes, elves, gonks and goblins amongst others are all lumped into the same category. It is even suggested the terms are interchangeable. I find that hard to believe as each has fairly distinct characteristics and of course some similarities.

Our Gnome Original Mixed Media on Canvas ' I love Christmas Time' by Amanda Coen - Parade Handmade


To my knowledge Christmas elves are often slim nimble and busy little creatures with pointy hats and pointy shoes with big buckles and they wear a sort of tracksuit with a pointed peplum ending below the waist which comes down under their belt buckle. They are usually earnest and dedicated to helping Santa get all the presents ready for dispatch and all that.

Christmas Card Pack of 4 - Gnomes at Christmas - Parade Handmade

What is a Gonk?

I am not entirely sure what a gonk is but I always confuse them with gnomes. Not garden gnomes but Christmas gnomes.

I think my confusion relates back to the 80's when gonks were a 'thing' for a while. Maybe I'm ignorant to the origins. In fact there is some reference to Star Wars when you look it up online.

Anyhow gonks in the 80's were small two legged creatures with a big beard which was the main feature. It was a trendy fad marketed to sell. Cute but with no real history or mythical connection.. Still I liked the look of them and they did and still do resemble gnomes...

Gnomes Have a Long History

A Cute Christmas Table Gnome By Parade Handmade Ireland

On the the other hand gnomes have a long history of belonging to the fantastical stories of mythical creatures and other magical worlds intermingling with ours.

Garden gnomes have been around for forever. They have been used to ward off bad luck in times gone by in fields and farms and were often hidden in the rafters of barns to protect crops. The Christmas gnome is a relation.

Our Gnome No6 Home Decor 5"x6" Approx - Parade Handmade
Really Christmas gnomes and other gnomes should not be put in the attic but placed somewhere secret around the house such as under the stairs, in the airing cupboard, behind the couch or even in plain sight throughout the year so they can do their work. Obviously it could be a good idea to change their festive appearance until Christmas time comes around again. It's not the end of the world for the Christmas gnome to spend the year in the attic but more can be accomplished by them being around the house..

Enter The Goblins

Now enter the goblins. These are completely different creatures. They have for a start, a bit of devilment in them.

They are not inherently bad but badly behaved at times. They are roguish and love to make fun of humans that cross their paths. They like to thwart us and to make life a bit difficult for us while not really doing us any harm. I wouldn't link them with gnomes gonks or elves for sure!

We Love Christmas Gnomes

 A Group of Cute Christmas Hone Decor Gnomes by Parade Handmade Ireland

At Parade Handmade we are focusing on the Christmas Gnome because we love Christmas gnomes.

Our gnome is an indoor gnome who is handmade with wood and recycled material. Each one is different and has his or her own personality.

They have a great wholesome appearance and look great in the house all year long. They add to the cosy comfortable homley style, to use a phrase, 'Cottage Core' and the other Scandinavian one 'Hygge' and our gnomes are such cute cuddly looking creatures you wouldn't want to put them away in a box for the year.
We hand sew the gift sacks and hats and save up all sorts of recycled material over the year until the time comes to create a new batch. However, there are a limited amount made each time as we don't want to be awash with unclaimed gnomes.

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