Fall into Autumn: Embrace Change with Positivity, Creativity, and Smart Planning

Autumn's Warm Embrace: Nostalgia, Nature Walks, and Joys

Seamless Autumnal Wooly Hat from Shoreline - Parade Handmade

Do you say 'Autumn' or 'Fall'? I can see why the Americans say 'Fall', although I'm guessing  it's because of the leaves falling from the trees. I might check that out.. There may be a different reason altogether.

The topic of Autumn and Fall reminds me of a childhood poem I wrote for school. My friend's school as it happens. I came up with it when she had a challenge set by her teacher to write a poem with four particular words included.. 'Blowing', 'Floating', 'Falling' and 'Building'. I remember we were about 12 or 13 or so sitting on her bunk beds and I was waiting for her to finish her homework. I made this up for her to hurry things along.. This is how the poem went..

'Blowing away go the leaves from the trees,
Floating away on the mid-Autumn breeze,
Fallng, falling as the wind dies down,
Building a pile on the hard dry ground.'
That was it. Homework done, books away and out to play. Very bold behaviour of course, but very sweet and childish too, in retrospect.

I Have Always Loved Autumn

I have always loved Autumn and Winter for that matter. Kicking up the leaves on long leafy avenues or even leafy spots under great old trees on various school routes throughout childhood, had a lot to do with that.

Walking along the Terenure road to the Presentation Convent in Dublin, followed by the wild and wonderful Bulls Mouth Road in Achill to the little Dooniver school. Later, all along the Griffith Avenue in Dublin to the Girls National School, Marino, we trailed and last but not least, walking twice a day every day, along the Ballyroan Road in Dublin, which was lined with blossom trees, after which we marched all the way up the hill to Sancta Maria College which had it's own share of trees, greenery and open space. Beauty all around, every day.

Although it seemed like a trudge on some days those times gave me a deep and wonderful appreciation for Autumn and indeed for all the seasons for the beauty they add to our lives. 
If you have been inspired to go walking in the rusty woods or on the Wild Atlantic Way in the West of Ireland you may like to check out our fabulous range of wooly hats HERE!

Balancing Autumn's Beauty and Challenges

Autumn, like Every Season, Brings Joys and Challenges. The light levels drop somewhat and this can have an adverse effect on our mood. We need self motivation in a way that in Summer we don't seem to require.

If you grow vegetables for work or at home, now is probably a tricky time for you. Harvesting is one thing, but you have to prepare and store the produce if you want it to last. That means cleaning, peeling, chopping, freezing or even making chutneys and preserves. Perhaps you like a few pickles. Do you like to plait your onions and hang herbs perhaps, to dry them out for later use? We have started to grow some small numbers of various vegetables and fruit again after a break of a good few years. 

Every new idea seems to bring more work with it, whether it relates to gardening or changing the decor in the house. When energy is low, it can seem daunting. I would like to tell you now that I have it all sorted out but I don't. I have, on the other hand, come to a few realisations. One chief point is that a lot of our 'to do' list is of our own making. Therefore some of it is optional. It's in these places we can go easier on ourselves. Here we have the opportunity to ease the pressure and make room for a little more enjoyment and appreciation for all that surrounds us and to reap the benefits of all of our toil. 

Embrace Autumn on Your Terms 

Choosing projects wisely and carving out a little time, to carry out the neccessary labour, is helpful.

Quick Tip: Sometimes writing down everything you would like to accomplish in a steady stream of consciousness helps get things into perspective. Sitting with a cuppa, a pen and pad, you can use the 3 lists approach. First you divide your ideas into three neat lists. 'Must Do', 'Nice to Do' and 'Extra Fun'.

You may start out with a huge list of things you would fancy getting through but not all of your ideas should go on your to do list at all. They are just ideas, not, instructions. I do all of the first list, most of the second and only some of the third list if I really want to. That is enough. The awareness of Autumn things is enough to feel a connection. The appreciation of all the possible Autumn activities available gives a sense of freedom, a sense of infinite possibility. Our imaginations with all our creativity are endless as are Autumn activities and any Autumn things we can think of. Selection of only he finest activities is key.

Keep an eye out for the next blog post for more thing 'Autumny'.

 'Til Next Time, Amanda

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  • I loved reading this blog. I even recognise some of those place you went to school!

    Nuala King

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