How Can I Push the Needle Forward in My Small Business?

3 Ways to Help You Push The Needle Forward

1) Don't freak yourself out but write a SHORT list every day of things you know will help you to expand your business goals. Take a course, listen to a podcast, sign up to a webinar to help you learn a new skill, dedicate some money to a particular goal and create an ad etc. You probably know a few things you could do already.

Remember, the things you find you are reluctant to do could be the very things that are holding your business back. Things that are not exactly comfortable for your personality maybe, such as showing up in public, making calls, getting help, connecting with other businesses, networking, writing blogs, posting content, shooting better product photos, connecting with suppliers, writing a newsletter, creating discounts on your website, reconsidering your products...etc etc etc

2) You must take regular steps, even baby steps, so you can encourage yourself everyday by ticking off your small but regular achievements. 

I am always on the lookout for ways to move the needle forward in my business and personal life. I seek out ways that challenge me but that work with my personality aswell. For example, I am not camera shy or shy generally but I don't like public speaking.

Amanda Coen of Parade Handmade and AmandasParade Artist and Handmade Creative Business Owner - Parade Handmade

I worked temporarily in graphics for a local paper in Ireland many moons ago, served in Beweley's tea shop a few times during college years. I've taught English and even beginners German in Barcelona, I had solo art exhibitions there and here and sold through galleries, taught salsa dancing in Ireland, ran our craft shop in Ireland, had a market stall at countless markets around Ireland for a long time, worked for three big shopping chains over the years between here and the Isle of Man and I have even sold holidays through German from a tele centre in Dublin and that does not cover it all.
However, overall the emotional energy I put out when I'm out in public on a regular basis exhausts me in a short space of time, which causes me to burn out easily so I prefer to work quietly and from home in an artistic manner.
These are some of the latest ways I have moved the needle forward in my small business.
  • I signed up for and showed up for a webinar in improving traffic and conversions on my website, with Susan Bradley.
  • I paid for a webinar and showed up for improving my blogging for my business. This is part of a wider thing about digital marketing for the introverted, with Suzan Czajkowski.
  • I created a 'Links List' as I called it to replace my Link Tree as my social media link for all my pages and accounts leading the viewer back to my website instead of leading them off to somewhere else. This is in a bid to increase web traffic to my website of course. This was on recommendation of someone I came across in my research but who's name I sadly forget. I am sorry about that. It was a hard one for me to do because it seemed so long winded and boring and very 'adminny' to coin a new word. However, I am thrilled I finally did it!
  • I created and posted an ad to promote the entire website in the broader area where I find most of my sales.
  • I created a YouTube Channel and am currently getting better at it! Ha! One has to try. Please take a look and like and subscribe even in a bid to support my fledgling efforts. I am not a natural and I am not actually sure I am getting better. I definitely don't worry too much but perhaps I should. I know I should. I am currently stuck on 19 subscribers so I am not sure what next with that!

AmandasParade YouTube Channel Link! (Please Like and Subscribe to my Channel)

Amanda Coen in her crocheted hat promoting her YouTube Channel called AmandasParade - Parade Handmade

Links List for Parade Handmade and AmandasParade!

3) Do yourself a favour and get to where you are going by, you guessed it, by not stopping. Show up for yourself and your business.

Much like the tortoise and the hare, though sometimes you could be more like the hare. Unless you are an unusual entity and can shoot to success and handle that too, then the tortoise mentality will get you through for the most part. You can pop out of your shell, do a few scary things and go back in for a bit. Phew!

'Inspiration exists but it has to find you working'. - An approximate quote by Pablo Picasso

Running a business is hard. Often improvements require that we do things out of our comfort zones but humans are hardwired to follow the comfortable tried and tested routes and methods of doing things. this is the 'safe' way to proceed. Nonetheless, to improve we have to keep learning new things. We have to break that mould so to speak by challenging ourselves to move forwards. Without challenges we stay still, stuck in relative safety but not achieving anything nor moving towards our goals. We can become stuck and worse still give up. However, the only way forward is to show up for yourself.

Breaking out by taking on new challenges can be very daunting. However, ask yourself how you even got to where you are now. The chances are that you took some risks and tried new things that lead you to here. Take stock and realise that having gone through all that, you are fine, possibly better than that and you have achieved more than you thought possible at the start. To be honest there  is often more to it than we anticipate at the start.

Take comfort in this. To continue on your quest and the route of progress, it is not necessary to break the mould entirely. If you have a tendancy to baulk at a new challenge as many of us do, simply observe this in youself with compassion and with no judgement, then carry on. You will probably find that you often triumph anyway inspite of this fear.
A challenge is something that is not easy otherwise it would not be a challenge at all. Allow the nervous energy to focus your thoughts to find a solution and figure out the best course of action to get you there. Nerves are a sign you care and that you are somewhat excited by the challenge. Take regular baby steps.
Check out this link featuring the great actor Denzel Washington, on YouTube, making a speech about failure leading to success in life. It's inspirational.
'Success Is Just One Failure Away'. (Quote by Denzel Washington)
When you accept intrepidation or fear when facing new challenges and also accept that you will fail at some of them you are then free to move towards your goals in small steps or big steps sometimes. You will realise that eventhough it can feel like you are wading through treacle (not bowing to an appreciative crowd) and your proverbial knees are shaking, you and your little bubble of determination is getting you through against all odds. Then you can truly celebrate your wins when they come, which they will, because you really do deserve them. You do!
Failing is one way of finding the right way and practicing for success is part of the learning and of the becoming.

In conclusion - Show Up for Yourself

Women sitting quietly with cat thinking of how to push the needle forward in your small business - Parade Handmade

Small steps are the key to success and to pushing the needle forwards toward creating a more fulfilling life for yourself. So go for it, at your own speed but keep pushing the needle forwards by showing up for yourself on a regular basis.

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