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Slouchy Berets

Slouchy Berets by Amanda - Parade

Introducing my new Slouchy Berets from my Garden Collection

These particular slouchy berets are inspired by my customers and their love of nature and flowers. Some are avid gardeners too. As you might guess the colours chosen and the creative embellishments reflect the beauty and fecund splendours our gardens. 

Slouchy Beret Hats are hand knitted. Each collection is inspired by a particular theme and each hat is created uniquely and later embellished with a whimsical artistic pattern using a variety of techniques such as embroidery, appliqué or beading. Sometimes a combination of some or all techniques. I love designing these little hats as another way to exercise my passion for artistic expression. Each one us like an indivudual little painting.

Each slouchy beret is made with yarn usually a combination of wool and other fibres and each particular description will explain further.

Beret hats are easy and comfortable to wear. They keep you warm but add a subtle hint of romance and a natural bohemian touch.

There are many ways to wear a slouchy beret. To either side or to the back. They'll help with a bad hair day but also enhance a beautiful head of curls. You can employ a hair clip to secure it. Some of these berets come with a ribbon which you can use to secure the beret in a comfortable position. The bow can be worn at any point around your head. This all leaves plenty of room for a more individual look.