Unusual and Unique Gifts and Buying Tips

Amanda Coen

On the Subject of Discovering Unique and Quirky Gifts

Seamless Wristwarmers in Variegated Purples and Blues and Pinks by Shoreline - Parade Handmade

We love quirky gifts at Parade Handmade. It is what we are all about. The freedom of creation and the freedom to follow where the path takes you. Practicality plays a part but not always in preference for unusual gifts and unique gifts.

If gifting is not your forte you may appreciate some pointers in the quest for these desirable things.. It is not as difficult as you may think but you do have to put your thinking cap on. Remember, price is not always as good indicator and neither is the brand.

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There are a Few Things to Consider Before You Get Started

Unique Patchwork Baby Quilt in Deep Turquoise and Pinks by Sew What's New - Parade Handmade

The first thing is to contemplate is whether they have ever actually indicated things they like. Perhaps they passed a remark about something another person was wearing, buying or maybe it was something in a shop window or some other way, just in passing. I often notice this kind of thing well ahead of actual dates for gifting.

The colours the person in question might wear are important if you are thinking about buying a personal gift. Sometimes a person has a favourite colour which is a handy thing to know. If you don't know that, then think of things they choose to wear or bags they choose to carry etc.

If this unusual gift is for the home the colour scheme could be different again. Just think about it for a minute. Consider where they place the colour and if they seem to wear it or prefer to look at it such as a note book colour, car colour, wall colour etc.

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What is Their General Desired Style?

As you are doing this it would be a good idea to fix in your mind the general style they tend to go for. In the quest for a quirky gift it could be good to know whether they like classic, contemporary, boho, eclectic, futuristic or even better to know if they like a particular artist or designer etc. That way you can narrow it down.

Original Painting of Snowy Hills and Purple Orchids by Noreen Sadler - Parade Handmade

Do they tend to go for dots, stripes, linen style, clear colours or patterns in general?Once you have established a colour and general style you can move on

Think About What They Like to do or Watch.

Do they like to write? Do Sports? Paint? Bake? Read? Cook? Play Golf? Travel? Study? Drive? Perhaps they keep animals such as fish, birds, dogs, cats etc ... This could give you a great direction.

Recycled Lucky Worn Horseshoe Fairy Door by Liffey Forge - Parade Handmade

Think about whether they like big things or little things and whether they are more practical. Do they like pretty things just because they are pretty and inspiring in some way. Remember, what is a great and inspiring gift for one is a dust collector for another.

You can choose a practical item but one which is decorated in the colours and style of the person considered, It shows you know them and appreciate their individuality.

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Go For An Eclectic Mix

You can also go for an eclectic mix of a few small things related to the theme you choose and select them in the colours you know are going to appeal for an eclectic unique gift. This tactic will almost certainly illicit the desired effect.

If you choose a second hand/recycled item from an antique, second hand or vintage shop then using the tips from above will help you select a perfect quirky gift and to hit the nail on the head.

A vintage find in the perfect style and colour can be very exciting and you don't have to compromise on style or appropriateness in exchange for cost.

Handmade Quirky Gifts are Similar in that Way.

Recycled Felted Wool Jumper Made into Unusual Pink Wrist Warmers - Parade Handmade

The thing about choice handmade and unusual gifts is that people expect them to be good quality and perhaps a little expensive but that is not always the case. Sure there are very special unique and expensive items available in the handmade sphere but there are differences and particularly in price.

Often handmade unique gifts are expensive because of the length of time it takes to produce and the time it takes to hone the expertise. However producers of handmade quirky gifts or at least handmade unique gifts are aware of tiered pricing to give the buyer the opportunity to purchase something of theirs in their chosen price bracket.

This is achieved by offering items that don't take as long to make or use as much material as some other pieces.
It usually pays to look in the sale sections too as these items are of perfect quality but simply have not been seen by the right person yet. You can find great unique gifts in the clearance sections of shops both online and in bricks and mortar shops.
I hope you have found a few interesting and helpful clues here in your quest for unique gifts for the lucky people around you! Please feel free to comment below. We would love to here your thoughts on the subject.

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