Nuala Brett-King Local Artist Interview

Amanda Coen

Nuala Brett-King


Did You Know?

Nuala Brett-King is a native of Claremorris? She spent her early years in Athlone and more than 20 years teaching children in primary schools in Dublin and Co. Meath.

With Sandy, her husband, Nuala retired to Kilmeena, Westport in 2003. It is in her native Mayo that she continues to paint in various media. Her watercolours and acrylics reflect her love of nature, her travels and of course, the Irish landscape.

Largely self taught, Nuala attended courses in Achill and the Burren over a number of Summers. She has painted in oils, acrylics and watercolours and having produced many landscapes and abstract work on a spiritual theme, she has recently concentrated mainly on floral work in acrylic and watercolour.


Distinction - London College of Art 

In 2009 Nuala was awarded a distance learning Diploma in Drawing and Painting, with Distinction, from the London College of Art. In 2012 she took up Acrylic painting under the direction of Pat Treacy and attended his classes for a time.


Solo Exhibition- Celtic Messenger

In 1999, in California, Nuala Brett-King had her first Solo Exhibition, 'Celtic Messenger, at the North Tahoe Art Centre. In July 2000 a second exhibition was held in Waterford city, Ireland. One of her abstract oil paintings, entitled 'Trinity', was reproduced as the cover for the July 2000 edition of Spirituality magazine, a Dominican publication.

Her recent exhibitions have been at the Clew Bay Hotel, Westport, with fellow artist and friend, Noreen Sadler.



Our Questions Answered...

1) What aspects of creativity do you focus on in your business? Art, Knitting, Pottery etc.. Answer: Artwork. Painting in acrylics and watercolour. I also knit and crochet for my private amusement.

2) Why do you like this form of work and why do you choose it/them over other forms of expression? Answer: I've always loved art. I won a prize for painting when I was 4yrs old. I still have the bowl!

3) Where is the best place in Ireland to have a picnic? Answer: Keem Bay, Achill.

4) If you had visitors staying with you from another place, which places would you bring them in order to show off the beauty of Ireland? Answer: Mulranny, Achill, Downpatrick Head, Leenane.

5) Is there a special place in Ireland or somewhere else that inspires or influences your creative work? Answer: Actually, I'm surrounded by inspiration with the beauty of the wild flowers around Kilmeena, where I live.

6) Do you work from home or do you have another place to work? A shed, artists studio, workshop, chair by the fire, kitchen table etc.. Answer: I have a studio in an extension of the house.

7) Do you play music, listen to the radio etc or do you like the peace and quiet while you are working? Answer: I like peace and quiet but listen to Mozart when I really need to concentrate.

8) Do you ever work in company such as with friends or family or do you need to be alone? Answer: I have worked with groups in the past. Now, I prefer to work alone, or with my sister, another artist, when we can get together.

9) What styles of music do you like? Answer: Classical, also John Denver, ABBA.

10) Do you have a pet? Answer: No.

11) Do you think creativity runs in your family? Answer: Yes. Lots of Brett painters in my family tree. The earliest, William Brett lived in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. 1815-1895.

12) Do you work creatively at set times or when the opportunity arises? Answer: Both. I'm better in the mornings, but if I can't I will doodle a bit at odd times.

13) What would you do if you could not continue your present form/forms of creativity? Answer: Find a new one, I suppose. Perhaps writing. They say we all have a book in us!




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