Animal Themed Gifts Can Be Functional and Fabulously Fun!

Amanda Coen

Our Pets are Very Close to our Hearts

Poodle Keyring or Bag Charm By Ditsy Designs - Parade Handmade

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If you are or every were a pet owner then you will know just how close to your heart your pets can be. This is the root of why animal themed gifts are so popular. It is the same for birds, mice or even hedgehogs as for cats, dogs and guinea pigs! Once that creature gets under your skin, it is another member of the family and you will do everything to make it happy and safe. You make each other happy and they always make you smile...every day!

Animal themed gifts will always be a winner because when you gift something that relates to a person's pet, you strike a sentimental chord so to speak, as they are reminded of their pet and you'll make that special person smile. So go on, give that frog themed gift or that sheep themed gift as the best thing to do for a person is to make them smile!



Fairyland is Filled with Animated Creatures

Deer Themed Christmas Ornament By Ditsy Designs - Parade Handmade

Fairyland is filled with animated creatures both mythical and real and it is from this imaginary place where many pet themed gifts spring. Parade Handmade represents a body of creatives who delve into the realms of imagination on a regular basis.

We like to champion animals at Parade Handmade and encourage suppliers to indulge that area of fantasy if they wish to. It is such fun. That is why, you may have noticed, we have so many animal themed gifts. Ditsy Designs is a great enterprise in many respects and in this one in particular. Many of our mouse themed gifts or hedgehog themed gifts come from there. Ditsy Designs has a strong eye on animal themed gifts and the fun and fantastical. Woodland animals inspire the hedgehog themed gifts, mouse themed gifts and frog themed gifts. Farms and the countryside inspire their sheep themed gifts. They are almost always but not limited to being animated animals such as the Christmas theatre mice, Mr and Mrs Claus or the Flying Mice (Inspired by Alan Dart).

Mr and Mrs Claus Chrismas Mice by Ditsy Designs - Parade Handmade

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Some of our animal themed gifts are functional too. We have bookmarks, from Ditsy Designs, as it happens, with all sorts of creatures both imaginary and real. Hares, sheep, cats, fish, aliens..!!! Cat themed gifts are very popular as are dog themed gifts.

Brooches are Another Great Source of Animal Themed Gifts

 Felt Bee Brooch with Red Fedora Hat by Parade - Parade Handmade

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Brooches are another great way of incorporating an animal theme into something practical. I once bought two life sized fly pins for my collar. They are truly brilliant. Not really representative of pets though. Ha! Nonetheless, they are part of the living world.

Frog themed gifts are more popular than you might imagine and bee themed gifts are really up there as we are becoming increasingly aware of their importance and their plight. Animals need our protection as they play their roll in maintaining our world as the plants do and as we should. This is another reason to give animal themed gifts and pet themed gifts. It helps to maintain animals status as important creatures that are close to our hearts.

Cat Charm Earrings By Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

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If you like animal themed gifts and in particular dog themed gifts, cat themed gifts or indeed bee themed gifts then you should check out Lapanda Designs charm earrings. They are simple and classy, they have sterling silver hooks and come in a cute gift box. The perfect animal themed gift for animal lovers.

Books for Animal Lovers

For a more generalised fun, animal themed gift then look no further than 'My A-Z of Animals', by Bridget Clarke.

My A-Z of Animals By Bridget Clarke - Parade Handmade

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