I Changed my Blog name to 'Craft Business'

Amanda Coen

Hi there! I've Changed the Name to Craft Business

I changed my blog name to Craft Business instead - Parade Handmade Ireland

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for having the curiosity to look this far. Full advantage of people's curiosity is being taken these days. I am surprised that any of us have any left at all for the things that count. Never has there been a time when there has been so much competition for our attention. It can be totally bewildering.

I am in a state of flux at the moment. Leading on from my previous post I have to say that changing things up in relation to time spent on different aspects of marketing and creating has not been easy. I still find myself overwhelmed and in a whirl of strange agitation with thoughts of what I should or could be doing at any one time. I am in the midst of a storm I feel. There is an actual storm outside today as it happens.. I wonder who else is feeling the frustration of the ever changing landscape of marketing and promotion including social media and other things clambouring for our attention.

I have come to realise, not for the first time that I will have to simplify my tasks yet again. Trim off a few 'must dos' and 'shoulds'.. To this end, I will give you a little insight into the changes I have been making in relation to my goals I set out recently and more I intend to make.. See if it rings a bell with you. Let me know if you have any suggestions or contribution to the subject at hand..

Craft Business Plans

 I intend to double down on product searches we have been found for in Google but have no stock to help convert these findings into sales.

This kind of info is found in analytics on the home page of your Shopify site or thereabouts. I am also signed up for Google Analytics for a quite a while now and that is fantastic for this kind of thing. It is not fool proof but it's a start for finding products that sell.

 I Have Made the Decision for My Craft Business and Have Created a Plan.

This plan of action and timeline to grow our subscription list/newsletter list. The main change will be that all special offers are available to those who sign up.

You need to have a reason for people to agree to future emails. If the difference between the benefits of guest and member discounts are not hugely different people won't bother giving consent. I get that. It is hard to keep your inbox uncluttered. What am I saying? It is impossible actually and a very annoying thing.

Nonetheless, we tiny businesses need to get a piece of the proverbial pie. Nothing crazy but some of the pie. Therefore I have made this decision.
It is easier to communicate with members and to consolidate the offers and discounts. Otherwise, I have come to realise, I would need a whole other section for marketing. A privilege I don't have or wish for. I want to keep things simple.

Sign Up Here for All the best future Exclusive Offers and Freebees with every Order from Parade Handmade

 I have started My AmandasParade Youtube Channel

This AmandasParade Youtube channel will be use to build a forum or community to share and showcase my own creative exploits in AmandasParade and to promote Parade Handmade creations. Sound easy? I assure you, for me, it's not..

I will show a little of what goes on in the making of these outlets as a handmade business owner/creative person. The challenges, difficulties and victories along the way. So far so funny at least...It's a good challenge not yet mastered but I'm getting there..hee! Link below...

 I have eased off on constant social media posting

Yes, I have actually resisted the urge to be online all the time driven by the constant pull of the algorithms but I need to streamline the process a bit more..

Without a plan of action it robs my still space of calm.. I may schedule a few weeks in advance like before but more scantily. Say for example, every 3 or 4 days... We'll see. Then I could forget about it except for monitoring and  responding...

I have changed my blog name to Craft Business instead - Parade Handmade Ireland

We've Had Valentines Day and Mothers Day is Coming

Yes we have had Valentines Day and soon there will be Mothers Day and St Patricks Day, then Easter etc. I am feeling the pressure to perform but I am resisting the temptation to rush at everything like my life is one big computer game with aliens and guns or even, dare I say it, Pac Man?? Is that how it's spelled?

Anyhow, I have a project in train for St Patrick's day actually. Indeed I have a few. The first is a green felted tote bag nearly completed not least because I actually made it last year...

A felted green striped wool jumper with cute shamrock needle felted pattern - Parade Handmade
It is featured here in it's present state... It is a sturdy tote bag made from felting a jumper, needle felting a very twee but pretty Irish shamrock design and attaching handles made from canvas belts. It even has a zip which I always prefer!
Recycled wooly jumper as a tote bag with zip and needle felted shamrock design - Parade Handmade

The Gnomes are Coming for Mothers Day and St Patricks Day

 This work is in the form of colour illustrations and pencil drawings so far.

Among these is a Mother's day image and a St Patrick's Day image too. I hope too create a few cards on the run up to these occasions.That would be today or tomorrow and then to process them for listing on Parade Handmade. I will have to keep my head very clear to accomplish that. Mr Gnome is very busy and romantic so you can expect plenty from him in the future...

There are more stunning water colour art prints from Nuala Brett-King. I have jewellery to photograph too and a plethora of other bits and pieces to do on top of that.... Now I'm going to head off to 'Get Stuff Done'! Thanks for reading this far!! Please feel free to comment. Be real but kind please..

Check out my all new AmandasParade YouTube Channel Here!

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