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Mindfulness For Kids

Mindfulness Matters Courses and Resources For Schools, Parents and Children - Parade Handmade

I wish Derval Dunford and Ann Caulfield were around when we were in school. They foster mindfulness for children and adults. We could have done with some empowering input. Mindfulness for children is a tool children can bring with them into adulthood to enable them to find their inner balance when life gets bumpy. Feeling centered even when everything else is spinning around will help develop resilience and help to understand that everything comes at it's own pace. Meanwhile, stillness will take some of the anxiety away associated with living, even the anxiety apparent when life is good. The power of sitting back, taking a moment and stopping the constant reaction that life seems to expect and to observe the comforting stillness inside is great knowledge to have starting out. Becoming familiar with this part of yourself inspires confidence and capability.

'The Zone 'For Kids

The Zone For Kids By Mindfulness Matters - Parade Handmade

To this end Derval Dunford and Ann Caulfield of Mindfulness Matters have published various mindfulness CDs for children. Their course, 'Developing Mindfulness and Happiness in Primary School Children' has been sanctioned  by the Department of Education and Skills. 'The Zone', encourages mindfulness, relaxation and confidence in children aged 5-12 years. In 'The Zone', children are introduced to awareness of the breath, the body, thoughts and emotions through visualisation, affirmation and breathing techniques.' This CD includes

1) Adult Introduction

2) Mindfulness Moments (Sitting)

3) Belly Breathing (Sitting)

4) Breathe and Smile (Sitting)

5) Exploring the Five Senses (Sitting)

6) Cool Calm and Confident (Sitting/Standing)

7) Rainbow Discovery (Sitting/Lying)


Sleep For Kids

Sleep For Kids By Mindfulness Matters - Parade Handmade

It has got to be hard for children at the moment when they have been stuck at home so much and with all the restrictions we have all had to deal with to boot. With the best intentions it must still be hard to make sure they have the right amount of exercise, play time, down time, work time. It is hard enough to manage that for yourself and usually much of it all comes down to regular routines, school timetables and natural freedom. 'Sleep For Kids', encourages calm and restful sleep. Children ages 5-12 years are guided gently into relaxation through restful and creative visualisation. Simply press play and drift away.' This mindfulness cd offers a great aid to parents and children to help overcome the stresses and anxieties of life and particularly at the moment and helps get them off to sleep feeling relaxed and secure, ready for a comfortable nights rest.


'Still Space' For Kids

Still Space For Kids By Mindfulness Matters - Parade Handmade

Mindfulness for kids is fast becoming essential practice in this ever challenging world. We are made aware in today's world of every problem, outrage, happening than ever before. Through the media we have become wide open to the stresses of life. More than we can do anything about and more than we can possibly be involved in and yet the information keeps flooding in. With mindfulness for children, inner calm and balance are fostered thus helping to alleviate some of this and other pressures. 'Still Space', encourages resilience and inner peace. It is an essential resource for parents and teachers who value the development of compassion, contentment and self-esteem in children and teens (5-13 years). Personal awareness and focus are developed using simple mindfulness techniques and visualisation. Mindfulness has been shown to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and to improve concentration.'

'Still Space' has 9 parts..

1) Adult Introduction

2) Magic Torch

3) Still Space

4) Gentle Breeze

5) Take Five

6) Kind Heart

7) Heartbeat

8) Wishing Well

9) Calm Fizz


Mindfulness For Children In Irish

Still Space For Kids As Gaeilge or In Irish By Mindfulness Matters - Parade Handmade

Did you know? 'Still Space' is also available 'as Gailge'. 'Spas Siochanta Suaimhneach' (Do Phaisti), is the world's first mindfulness CD in Irish! It has been said to me that it is a great way to learn Irish too with a phonetic dictionary included. It is also curriculum friendly which means it could help with home schooling too by the looks of it!


Mindfulness Matters Cds Are Available Here!

'The Zone' For Kids

'Sleep' For Kids

'Still Space' For Kids

'Spas Siochanta Suaimhneach' Do Phaisti

'SUI', The Effortless Experience Of Mindfulness Meditation and Deep Relaxation' For Adults

SUI Mindfulness Matters Cd For Adults Meditation and Deep Relaxation - Parade Handmade


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