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Gemstone Jewellery Has a Special Appeal

Lampwork Crystal and Mother of Pearl Necklace by Lapanda Desgins - Parade Handmade

As we all know the world is awash with jewellery and trinkets of all varieties and styles. Fashion jewellery, costume jewellery and the real deal of course, gemstone jewellery. Perhaps it incorporates precious metals such as your typical engagement ring or diamond tiara. Whatever it is and however much it costs in cash, there is more to consider. Other benefits of jewelry are sentimentality of course and style. You don't need to spend massively but you do need a good eye for detail. Gemstone jewellery is a popular choice. Even semi-precious stones are desirable. It doesn't have to break the bank but when you include even one gemstone bead or component in your piece there is something special at play. Amethysts, garnets, lapis lazuli, moonstones, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, turquoise... Something authentic and timeless. A pure, exotic and exiting element. Romance!

A Gemstone Necklace Is Irresistible

 Rock Crystal and Faceted Glass Necklace By Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Have you ever watched the mystery films where there's a lavish diamond necklace stolen? A scene where an elegant lady wears a fabulous piece to a ball, a family heirloom maybe or a large investment by her husband, (old-fashioned as it that is) only to have it mysteriously stolen from her jewellery box during the night etc. We all understand the loss even if we have never owned a piece like it and maybe never will or even want to. Of course a semi-precious gemstone necklace can be just a special to the wearer. It depends on your taste, your values and your pocket. Jewellery fashion changes so much that what is in today is out tomorrow. It is not fashionable these days to wear huge gemstones necklace set in gold or silver around your neck. Most who could afford it would be afraid they would be mugged or it would at least make them a target for robbery. There are so many fashion pieces imitating these beautiful collars and because of this the collars or big necklaces, even if real, can look incredibly fake and heaven forbid, garish. You can have a gemstone necklace where there is a small component of your chosen stone or even a few small beads and that can be enough if the piece is in the style you like. I am drawn to this kind of gemstone jewellery because it feels special and is special but it is not going to attract unwanted attention. The other reason is that because of it's economy you can have more of it to match different moods and outfits.

A Gemstone Bracelet Is A Great Option

Natural Labradorite Bracelet With Owl Charm By Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Some people, although they like jewellery, would prefer to be discreet when wearing it. Perhaps for security reasons mentioned earlier or another reason could be that they wish to divert attention away from or towards a particular part of their anatomy. Those who don't like the look of their hands may wear a necklace and those who would rather not attract attention to their neckline may wear beautiful gemstone bracelets and rings instead or gemstone earrings which are also very popular. For this purpose semi-precious gemstone bracelets are a great option. They can be as light or as heavy with beads as you like and you can still portray the desired degree of opulence and style without breaking the bank.

Team Gemstone Earrings With Some Nice Lippy

 Gemstone Earrings Encorporating Turquoise and Pearl Elements by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade a

If you are going on holidays and want to travel light but with a hint of glamour then pack a few pairs of gemstone earrings, some nice lippy and a hint of mascara. With just that you will achieve an easy pared back look. Gemstone earrings come in many shapes and sizes. Studs, drops and even chandeliers! Hoops, multiple stone styles, crystals, pearl drops, you name it. Gemstone earrings are a life saver. Switch up your day job studs and pop in a drop pearl or crystal pair after work for a night out ( in normal times).. They make for a great Christmas gifts too for adults or children and pretty sets of drop pearl earrings make great wedding gifts. You can never have enough gemstone earrings as you can then choose them like paints for your outfit on a given day. A good tidy way to display your earrings is to hang them around the top of a lampshade or on an office tray made of wire grid which you can mount on your wall. A pretty handbag with fringing on it or beading loops etc can work too. This could make for a broad subject and I may elaborate on it at a later date.

Gemstone Pendants Are The Most  Popular These Days

 Wild Sea Gemstone Pendant Necklace With Semi- Precious Stones Pearl's and Crystals by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Of course gemstone pendants are in fact a type of necklace. They seem to be the most popular type of necklace these days. They can be teamed with all of your clothing so it is easier to chose a style right for your personal taste and lifestyle. A pendant necklace is not so much a style statement as a full necklace is but it with attention to detail can embody a lot of sentimentality and personal taste. It is easy to protect a light piece of jewellery and perhaps hide it most of the time so that it is truly for private appreciation only. Of course the larger pendants on chain or chord can be worn to draw the eyes down. It can help to elongate the appearance of the upper body and streamline the look. Since it chiefly consists of one focal piece, virtually anything can be made into a pendant. It is universal for men and women. No limits apply except for perhaps weight. Again gemstone pendants or gemstone pendant necklaces are very popular and a little bit special especially when given as Christmas gifts or wedding gifts etc. They are affordable in comparison to full necklaces of course and can project just the right kind of sophistication while remaining subtle and somewhat demure.

Take a peek at our gemstone jewellery collections here at Parade Handmade. You might find a little of what you fancy or something perfect for gifting!

Lapanda Designs Jewellery

Rock Crystal Bracelet By Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Lapanda Designs jewellery, produces diverse collections of both fashion and gemstone jewellery styles since 2007. Here you will find Gemstone Jewellery in the form of Gemstone Necklaces, Gemstone Bracelets, Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Pendants and Gemstone Pendant Necklaces





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