Sui CD For Mindfulness Matters, Relaxation And Meditation By Derval Dunford

Amanda Coen

Mindfulness Is Not Just A Trend

Imagine this.. (Quote from SUI CD On Mindfulness Meditation and Deep Relaxation)..
'Accompanied by soft enchanting music, allow yourself to be guided effortlessly step by step to that peaceful place within, to a focused state or even to sleep....'
 SUI Mindfulness - Parade Handmade
I don't know about you but I rarely get to a truly peaceful state. I don't allow myself the time. (Bad idea I know). I listen to that sentence and think 'wow, yeah I'd love that' and then 'yeah, I don't have the time'.. (I need to give myself the time). I feel peaceful when creating something by hand. Hand sewing, choosing colours, fiddling with beads and findings and putting a piece of jewellery together, maybe while painting or sketching. Washing dishes, baking or folding clothes can be quite restful too...sometimes. However, I seldom give myself the time to simply be. Allow my mind to become peaceful and still, focused on breath etc. I am going to! I am going to use Derval Dunford's SUI CD. It is a mindfulness CD which incidentally, I already have! ... Watch this space. I will elaborate when I actually get to it. I promise!

SUI  Mindfulness and The Visualisation Connection

Derval DunfordOf Mindfulness Matters in'The Corpse' Pose - Parade Handmade
I have had on the other hand some great experiences in the area of visualisation during acupuncture treatment. For example once I had a short guided meditation as part of acupuncture treatment for anxiety about 10 years ago during a particularly horrible and stressful time of my life. I still remember the peace I felt during that short visualisation exercise and I still attempt to conjure up the exact memory in times of stress. The memory is not just a visual thing. The effect was physical so the memory makes me feel a certain way, physically and emotionally. I know from that experience just how powerful meditation can be and guided meditation by an experienced hand is great because you don't have to work to know how to proceed. The sound of the voice is assuring and supportive. On Derval's meditation CD the sessions are guided and non guided, some sitting and some lying down. SUI (pronounced 'SEE') is recommended by some heavy hitters in the professional world too..
'SUI is the best meditation CD I have ever listened to'- Dr John McKenna of Hard to Stomach.
'Sui meditation succeeds for many reasons; among them: it is based on the fact that wisdom, our access to the Divine, is within us; and it is a refreshingly simple, accessable, and easy way to be still. I highly recommend Sui meditation CDs.' - David Kundtz, Author of Stopping and Quiet Mind.

Meditation CD By Derval Dunford Of Mindfulness Matters - Parade Handmade

SUI Mindfulness

Being mindful is not a trend. It is not a new concept and it is not a new sales ploy. It is part of ancient wisdom. Meditation, awareness and mindfulness have been practiced for centuries in every part of the world. It is generally accepted that this brave world of ours is hectic, invasive sometimes and distracting. It is hard to maintain your inner balance when trying to keep apace with modern life. We have in general lost the knack of relaxation and self awareness but for our well being we need to counteract the stresses presented to us in today's world.

SUI Mindfulness CD Is A Tool

Mindfulness is a tool available always to everybody everywhere and indeed anywhere and at any time. It is free and easy to get involved in. You can do it alone or chose to join a group or both. With SUI mindfulness you get the added bonus of knowing that it comes highly recommended by professionals in the area of mind sciences and meditation.
This mindfulness CD called SUI, by Derval Dunford, brings an opportunity for improved well-being to your life and indeed, makes a truly thoughtful gift considering the need for peace of mind in these covid-19 lock down times.

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