Unique Felt Accessories

Whimsical handmade hats for that wow factor plus an exciting selection of unique striking hand crafted felt accessories. Each hat, neck accessory or felt brooch is a unique revelation. As colourful as they are comfortable and very wearable. Felt hats are very long lasting once given adequate care but not much more than regular clothes. Many felt hats can actually be worn in the rain contrary to popular opinion. No two pieces are the same so rest assured that when you buy a felt Parade accessory you will have a genuine hand crafted and unique piece on your hands. Every felt item comes with printed care instructions in order for you to keep your piece in top condition well into the future so you can wear your colourful creation with pride - Parade Accessories by Amanda Coen. (Parade accessories by Amanda were available until 2019 in Parade the gift shop in Newport Co. Mayo until it swiftly pivoted during 2019, into this online outlet - Parade Handmade)