Troubleshooting my YouTube Channel

Troubleshooting My New YouTube Channel

Troubleshoiting my new YouTube Channel in this Blog Post - Parade Handmade

Link to my YouTube Channel & all the other relevant links here on my Link Tree

I never thought I would say that. 

'Troubleshooting My New YouTube Channel'

Sometimes it's better not to look at the bigger picture of what you are actually attempting to do for fear you will freak yourself out. Know that feeling? I freak myself out regularly. Is that how you spell 'freak'? hmm.

You may have read that I intend creating more content in my blogs here on Parade Handmade this year to help drive more traffic as the Google algorithm likes movement and plenty of content on a website.

I reckon I have put way too much effort into social media at the expense of my own, 'place of work' and in an attempt to readdress this I have started this second business blog as a forum for more current business updates. Nothing too stuffy mind you. More like a creative business diary sort of thing.
The other thing I have started to develop, in my wisdom, is my YouTube channel
AmandasParade (Handmade Creative Business)
Copy and paste the line below into your browser and hopefully you will find some video up there from the channel and a link among them to the channel in general. It's easier than searching through YouTube I found. Then maybe I'm missing some crucial info. I would like to change this 'handle' as they call it but there are other more pressing things as yet..

Another Creative Business Challenge

Nearly there with the hand sewn Creative Business Challenge Bucket Hat

 As I mentioned in the last post, I am attempting to put my foot on the brakes a little to stop myself spinning off my axis all the time. I have redistributed my energy but it still feels like an ill-fitting pair of boots or a jacket that is too tight in the shoulders.

I proceeded to squeeze in order fulfillment, commission finishing, label printing for Lapanda Designs and packaging organisation, completing two blog posts one of which entailed the creation of a completely new blog and photographing the stages of creating a DIY bucket hat and pattern, getting to grips with YouTube video creation and editing again in order to execute two videos with matching 'shorts', updating the Parade Handmade website announcement details, changing the logo and name of another YouTube channel, reading up on YouTube do's and don'ts, social media, supplier requests, photography of product and generally, updating my Etsy shop called AmandasParade and everything else like dinner making, feline care, family communications, personal hygiene, coffee morning x 1 etc etc etc.... I am hoping to 'mature' in the area of time management.

YouTube Video Creation

It sounded like it would be easy once the pieces were found. However, in true Amanda style I horsed right into it and hoped it would be like creating reels for Instagram or similar. In fact it is but because the videos are generally longer there is a lot more management involved. My phone doesn't have enough memory for a start so I have to delete lots of stored videos and images in order to have free space for editing. My computer is not compatible with the app I like to use on my phone and it wouldn't be good to try to use two different ones. That would be a recipe for tears and disaster.

The problem lies not in the recording of the footage but in the organisation of the footage and general admin surrounding the channel. If I had my own film crew who could just follow me around shoot footage and then buzz off somewhere to edit, chop, divide and generally make lots of content from it and post it, my life would be so much easier. Creating is tricky enough in itself and keeping the flow going is huge but having to describe everything you do as you go, so you can communicate it to a digital audience, is crackers and absolutely exhausting. The only saving grace is that it is great fun in fact and it seems it is the only way if you want to get the word out without bankrupting yourself.

This week I have managed to botch up one of my videos and I still haven't figured out how to attach a thumbnail before upload but I am getting there. I now have a total of 8 subscribers! Hurray! Just another 9992 to go before I have a decent amount... Tee Hee! Don't laugh. It's very serious stuff. You should head over through the link down below and like and subscribe to shorten my time of scrambling and clambering to get to a modest 500 first maybe!
I believe I will leave it there and get some lunch. I hope I haven't complained too much. I promise not to rant all the time if you come back that is...

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