Changing the Record and Embracing the Silence

Amanda Coen

Embracing the Silence

Changing the record and embracing the silence blog post - Parade Handmade

I didn't think that this was an issue for me. I seem to seek out silence these days. I don't expect it to last forever and ever and be all consuming but I realise more and more that I crave stillness. Nonetheless, as you may have gleaned from an earlier business post, I have changed my day to day business approach.

Mainly I have taken back my own time from the rigors of keeping up with social media and jumping every hurdle that's put in front of me. I prefer to jump over my own hurdles because at least I know where they lead most of the time. If I jump over the proverbial hurdles of social media and my own I get what is called burn out. Therefore, I am embracing silence at present because the area where social media played a huge part is now pretty much a wasteland of silent space, only it's not a wasteland at all.

Change the Record

In order to change the record and subsequently embrace change I first had to make a change. A few in fact. I am at present squirming in the aftermath of that change, you may have guessed that.

Before making these changes deciding which bits to leave out is tricky. What is necessary and what is padding? What is good but not worth it? What can I live without that would help matters along? I have intrepidly decided to let go of the social media tendril that kept trying to pull me off course. My own course. That and a few other things.

Changing the record and embracing the silence - Parade Handmade

I Have Made Four Big Changes

  1. I have moved my daily effort of content creation to my website.

  2. I have limited my social media posting and general content creation to just ticking.

  3. I have started a YouTube Channel where I can with any luck, consolidate my efforts and draw some extra follower-ship and attention to Parade Handmade and AmandasParade Etsy Shop.

  4. I have focused on building out my Link-tree which is a link to all my links and I share it to all my online portals so to speak.

Having a Link-tree page means that I can direct interested parties to one place where they get the option to select any or all of the links and see what is going on in Parade Handmade, AmandasParade and Lapanda Designs in all the social media apps, Etsy, YouTube videos, Blog posts, the website etc etc.

Consolidating all the effort can be tricky online as there are so many things to pull together. You may have a few audiences that are completely separate. Perhaps you have a great following in one area which is probably where you have put most effort from the start and sometimes the most money. I could be an area that you are most suited to. Perhaps you have a local audience of loyal supporters as do your contributors. Although this is a wonderful support to moral and community and friendship it may not be where most of your revenue comes from however. That is why having a page to share that has all your links in one is invaluable. I highly recommend it.

Embrace Change then Find Balance

It is difficult to embrace change and find balance at once. Change is change. There has to be a bit of readjustment to be made. It's like breaking in a lovely new pair of shoes. You can't do it by thinking about it. With shoes you have to put them on and wear them about a bit. Wear them in. Feel how they feel. See how the fit and then how they fit in with your clothes. If changing footwear is anything to go by I have lost this battle. I wear boots Winter and Summer and I hate changing that. I wear them with skirts and jeans and leggings. I may change it up a bit for a party or wedding but not always. The weird thing is that I love shoes and boots. I have a decent amount in my wardrobe. The closet, not my day to day clothing 'wardrobe'.

Maybe I should start there. You have to accept the inevitable breaking in part and appreciate that it will be a bit uncomfortable for a while until you make a new pattern. This is how it goes. I know but I have to complain a bit on the way...

I have embraced some changes and now I find there is a strange unease that has come over me. I don't know instinctively where to place my energy when I dive out of bed in the morning.. only joking.. get out of bed and start the day. I don't hit the ground running and when I try to I, seem to fall flat on my face. I am used to the spin of the wheels and the screech of my tyres as I belt off to create a gazillion pre-sheduled posts on Canva, (which is a great app I must say), shoot a load of photographs, create a lot of reels while dreaming up a lot of offers and deals for anyone who will listen.

Change the Record Again

My new way is to bide my time. Hold back on that rush. Reserve the energy for when it is truly needed and effective. I nearly have a balance and knowing my propensity for determination I will succeed in that. Not a constant perfect balance or where would the fun be?

I would love to be sure that this will bring success. Success in the sense of continued sustained success equal to the effort put in by myself and the wonderful contributors and creators of the handmade creations from Ireland on Parade Handmade. I hear myself chuckle at this. I know that is not really how it will be. At least then, that the constant creative effort and enthusiasm off those who contribute so heartily could be appreciated enough to encourage us all and validate our heartfelt urge to create our business and lives as we do. 

I had better shoot off to complete this little episode with images etc so I can get some drawing in for later.. Love cards for weddings and such. My little gnome who featured in our Christmas products is out for love this time and he's very romantic!...Coming soon..

Changing the record and embracing change again - Parade Handmade

Thank you for following along. It is really appreciated! 💫 Amanda

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