Overshooting With My Niche Business To Do List?

Overshooting with My To Do List

This is something I am perpetually guilty of. I put it down to determination to fulfill whatever potential there is. In myself or from myself that is. I would never be confused with 'high achiever' status but I try my best. What else is there to do? In any case it is great fun.

So there exists the constant drive to better the situation much like playing house as a child on a blanket in the back garden. The blanket being the edges of the domain of course. But how could it be improved upon? First of course we could fold the top side into a  point like an envelope thus losing us a little ground space but giving us the added advantage of then being a boat! Aha! Let's do it! See what I mean?

Much like executing any new plans, there would be extra work involved. Considering all the rearranging of dollies' beds, teddies, cardboard boxes and cushions for me and my friends etc there would be a tremendous amount of restructuring necessary to get it all running smoothly again. Again, much like any business or real home renovation or additions it would indeed take time to get it all straightened out again. This was half the fun. Not just the end result but the planning, shape shifting and carrying out changes. The improvements made would send up more challenges just like real life and it is all part of it.
The back garden exploits developed over the years to include huts made of pallets with drawbridge entrances, made into semi-permanent structures covered with bin liners secured with thumbtacks, against the Irish 'back garden' type rain. Many early morning monopoly games and such were played therein. There we played bankers and buyers sustained by fairy cakes and ten-penny bags until it was time to go in.

On to Business Musings

Although I have the original Craft Life blog already, I really thought it would be better to have this one separate as it will be about the business really as opposed to craft and creativity itself. It could become a little confusing. The other reason is that I want to create a bit more movement on the website so I would like to post here more regularly about the day to day happenings. Craft Life, I intend to keep for the more structured type of postings and this one, well, more for spontaneous streaming of information that may hold interest for some. 

I find the whole rough and tumble of running a business and website etc very tricky and quite stressful at times. It is very fulfilling however to see your little victories and the accumulation of effort, all be it that you are the only one to notice at times. Whereas at other times, you are rewarded by new business and footfall or whatever metric you are using at the time to measure your success or failure for a given venture.

The other thing I notice is that it is all a bit funny. Amusing and funny but with a backbone of cautious and safe secure organisation. The running around, scrambling and trying, sometimes successfully, to spin all the plates without dropping any is a challenge and it's amusing at times. Why else is it used as circus entertainment? Plate spinning, I mean.
It all gets done in then end, though you have to dig deep sometimes to overcome difficulties. Most of the time I have to overcome my own negativity and inertia. I am particularly bad at changing from one thing to another. I hold the idea in mind for a while, tumble the pros and cons around, size up the situation and then more often than not having sized up the situation pretty well, I jump in. What is there to lose? Not trying would be losing. You will always find a way.

Take This New Blog on Business Musings for Example.

I run an Etsy Shop that is very small and only just started. I have hardly any traffic and no sales as yet.... I have only just started my YouTube channel properly under the AmandasParade name and it is all a bit scary. The Parade Handmade Shopify website has been running for over three and a half years now and the Craft Blog something similar, so I feel infinitely more confident about that. Nonetheless, as a creative person in essence, I relish quietness and my privacy. I've had to wrestle with myself to figure out what parts of my life and work I feasibly want on show and what parts to keep absolutely to myself. Therefore I endeavor to keep business very distinct but personable too so people can relate to it and to me.

This blog will hopefully tie in with my YouTube Channel. Here's a link to my latest post to bring you there directly..   I intend getting a rhythm going where I can edit my YouTube videos and show the links here and vice versa. They will contain parallel information or at least related information about running a niche business using all that is available and that I am comfortable with, so they will hopefully go hand in hand. It will no doubt be a challenge to get all that rolling smoothly and although this sort of thing usually does take me a while to get my head around, so to speak, I usually get the hang of it eventually. If on the other hand however, I find I have bitten off more than I can chew, which is entirely possible, I will tweak said plan to accommodate a more civilized schedule! hee! Let's see!

If you have read this far you are brilliant! If you have any questions then please leave a comment. Be gentle and real if you can. I am gingerly only starting, as it were..

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