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Amanda Coen

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It's really about time some thoughts were put down on 'paper'.

(Remember that?..lovely paper?..) There are so many things we think about in the day. So many things to muse over and consider. Sometimes I wonder whether other people are thinking along the same lines as I might be at a given time and they probably are and they do. I don't think that every thought that passes my mind ought to be heard by everyone who knows me, the general public and any poor unfortunate passing by or that my thoughts are particularly original or awe inspiring. I just think it's' good to say something. To add something to the pot. To add some energy to the conversation and not to simply drain the information and thought barrel without contributing an iota or two.
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There is a lot of change happening at the moment and a lot staying the same. Whichever way you look at it, these are exceptional times. In some ways there is too much being said and too much to consider. Whittling down the avenues and sources of information is necessary, if we are to keep some peace of mind, it seems.
This train of thought always reminds me of one of my favourite movies of all times....'When Harry Met Sally' and not for the famous orgasm scene in the cafe either, which I have incidentally, never found quite as amusing as many other scenes in the movie.
The scene where they are arguing about the 'Roy Rodgers coffee table' is of interest here. They eventually make it outside onto the street to finish the argument, much to the relief of their friends. There, the main character, played by Billy Crystal, criticises how the other character and love interest, played by Meg Ryan, usually verbalises every single thought that springs up in her mind. That is the other end of the stick really. To express every thought is not the aim but to add to the proverbial pot of brewing thoughts and discussions from time to time. To give your angle at the moment, however changing it might be.
Some may think that when you are a 'talker'' or not shy, then you obviously think that you are somehow superior in some way to the non-talker. I do not think that at all. The one who speaks their mind is more vulnerable than those who stay quiet as they offer themselves and their opinions up for scrutiny. I don't see that as arrogance but courage.
In the past, Ireland has often been full of the 'Who does he think he is?' kind of commentary which keeps people from wanting to be seen or heard at all in many cases. I suppose in a way it keeps people from 'Getting beyond themselves' and all that. That mindset still abides but there has been a little bit of a shift over time.
Some don't think that their thoughts and opinions bare any relation to the general consensus or that they are not worthy of having an opinion heard. In a round about way that is an arrogant viewpoint in itself. It somehow infers that they  don't see everyone as equal and most of all themselves. Somehow they see themselves as 'other than', the rest of us. Special in a strange way. Not the same.
So to sum up this little ramble.. I read many times..
'Never believe you are above or below anyone. Keep a humble spirit.'

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