Conversation With Lily Ryder CEO of Shoreline Food and Crafts

I always send out our latest supplier interviews or profiles, such as this one, first to the members of our Parade Handmade Gazette (newsletter) and a while later they will be added to our blog here. It is always interesting to me how creative people organise their lives and getting an insight into their creative process and inspirations is fascinating.

Lily Ryder - Shoreline Owner

Owner & Designer of SHORELINE 'Simple Luxuries Delicately Made'.


Lily Ryder CEO of Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parad e- Handmade

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 Shoreline, is a food and creative business based on a farm on the shores of Clew Bay, in Westport Co. Mayo. It is owned and run by Lily Ryder. Her creative inspiration comes from

''..first of all the sea and the shoreline and all to do with it.''

You Need To Be Versatile & Have a Strong Work Ethic


Autumnal scarf by Shoreline - Parade Handmade

 Lily employs varied disciplines in her work such as knitting, sewing, baking, jam making and crochet. All of them come in handy when living and working on a farm.

I Learned to Knit When I Was 12 Years Old From My Mother.

 Peach crochet scarf by Shoreline - Parade - Handmade

 I've always loved knitting and crafts.. In years gone by I used to knit Aran jumpers for a shop in Wexford, where I'm from. Ever since I got married I've cooked for the family. I've always had an interest in cooking. We have been more or less self-sufficient with fresh vegetables and meat direct from our own farm.

Our Questions Answered...

 Lily Ryder CEO of Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parade- Handmade

 1) Who are your 3 favourite painters/artists/photographers/craftworkers etc?

 Answer: has beautiful designs. She focuses on combining colours and does a lot of short row knitting where you can change the shape and colour giving more flexibility when designing.

Mary Berry is an inspirational person in many ways. Paul Hollywood has great baking tips.

 2)Where is the best place in Ireland to have a picnic? Answer: Anywhere on the shores of Clewbay!

 3) If you had visitors staying with you from another place, which places would you bring them in order to show off the beauty of Ireland? Answer: Probably out to Doolough and Leenane for a little trip out.

 ''I never tried out painting or drawing really, not even in school. I couldn't draw a straight line''

 What Inspires Your Creative Work? 

Red Aran Tea Cosy by Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parad e- Handmade

 4) Answer: Well first of all the sea and the shoreline and all to do with it. Basically it can come from anywhere such as a good story or something else interesting on television that catches my eye or something in a book or out in nature...

 ''When I'm Sewing I Need Peace and Quiet''

 Blue Aran Neck Piece by Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parad e- Handmade

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5) Question: Do you play music, listen to the radio etc while you work? Answer: When I'm knitting I always listen to the radio. Just some background sounds..TV or the radio. When I'm sewing I need peace and quiet.

 6) Do you ever work in company such as with friends or family? Answer: I need to be alone, so no.

 7) What styles of music do you like? Answer: I don't have any favourites really. I like a broad mix of styles.

 8) Do you have a pet? Answer: We have a collie for the farm.

 Winter White Crochet Scarf by Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parad e- Handmade

 ...''Traditional Patterns and Designs''

9) What other things inspire your work? Answer: Tradition, sure. I like to produce pieces based on traditional patterns and designs. I also like to put my own stamp on a new piece and keep my designs and collections fresh.

 10) What did you want to do when you grew up? Did you always want to be in a creative business? Answer: I always intended to work with and care for people so I trained as a nurse for years though I always had some kind of craft alongside.

 Mustard Neck Piece by Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parad e- Handmade

 ''She Was Brilliant''

11) Does creativity run in your family? Answer: No, not really though my mother was very creative. She could knit and sew. We have had a similar style of farm life. She was brilliant and would often sell her farm produce she made to feed the family.

 12) Do you have a designated routine for your creative work? Answer: Whenever the opportunity arises. Sometimes I have a routine where I aim to knit in the evening after dinner but that depends on the seasons on the farm etc.

 Green Lattice Chest Warmer/Neck Piece by Shoreline food and crafts Co. Mayo - Parade- Handmade

 Doing Something Worthwhile With Your Own Hands

13) What would you do if you could no longer continue your chosen modes of creativity?Answer: Oh, I would probably try a new craft maybe...spinning wool..our shed is full of it at the moment....felting maybe..

 14) what has been the most exciting thing to happen in your business? Answer: Seeing my products sitting in a shop window is very exciting for me. If I get an order for jams or any of my products from a new place. That is a high point for me.

 15) What exactly draws you to be creative, do you know? Answer: The achievement and satisfaction of making something worthwhile with your own hands draws me.


That is a truly inspiring interview. You think you know someone more or less but people are infinite and hearing more about Lily's life, influences and experiences from a farm in the West of Ireland inspires me. I am sure her life inspires others to continue to develop and enjoy their own handmade life and work. Lily makes easy to see the value in filling your life with hard work and creativity. I hope you have enjoyed this piece about Lily Ryder - Shoreline Owner.

Please pop a comment in the comment box below and let me know if you would like to read other interviews or hear about other topics! 

All the best until next time, Amanda

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