Emerald Green Jewellery

Emerald Green Jewellery

Luxury of all luxuries. Emerald green jewellery. I bought an emerald green and bronze vintage style brooch for 1 Deutschmark in a sale in Heidelberg in 1989, where I worked as an au-pair. It was one of my prize possessions for a time along with some other beautiful pieces I had then. I have not thought about it until a second ago when gathering my thoughts about emerald green jewellery in general. I can still tap into the desire I had for it right now and the pleasure I drew from simply looking at it. Jewellery can do that to a person and so can colours. The value is not necessarily the main concern at all.

What Makes an Emerald Green Necklace so Special?

An emerald green necklace smacks of style and taste. The depth of colour and the glittering facets are legendary and the name of the precious stone 'emerald' or 'emeralds', has a distinct ring to it. It is not a word you rush through. It evokes thoughts of grandeur, luxury and sensuality. You almost have to savour the sound and the thought of it as the word slides off your tongue.

Emerald Green Necklace Sets

When I think of emerald green necklaces or emerald green necklace sets, I immediately think of Agatha Christie's protagonist Poirot and the mysteries he features in. In such vintage capers, 'the emeralds' are often huge dangling affairs with matching earrings all set into precious metal such as gold. They are sought after by the master thieves and guarded jealously by their owners.

I take it, judging by the stories, that the green emerald necklaces featured and such like are in reality, often made of paste in a bid to protect the real deal from sticky fingers while the owner is on their travels abroad. They would often be paraded around the ballroom of a beautiful hotel by a beautiful young heiress or wife of a rich businessman. (In those days, most women didn't enjoy self advocacy as much as they could have.)

Malachite Silver Earrings

My alternative to emeralds, since I have to have one, is malachite, a semi-precious gemstone. It does not have the glassy facets of emeralds but it does offer a beautiful deep green colour that is naturally occurring.

Malachite silver earrings are in a class of their own and lend themselves very well to the Irish colouring. Both emerald green jewellery, malachite silver earrings and green jewellery as a whole suit the auburn colouring, which is enjoying great renewed appreciation at the moment. I believe the renewed admiration is down to things such as Ed Sheeran's musical talent and mass appeal.


Emerald Green Necklace

These days the way to wear gemstones is not on a string or set into a large piece. They would be considered too garish and a little grotesque perhaps given the cost of them along with the awareness we all have today of the inequity that prevails and poverty many people have to endure.

Today people will often opt for a single stone on a chain. Delicate and romantic. Layer the chains with charms that are personal to you. The emphasis is on uniqueness and personalisation. An emerald green necklace could be just that, emerald green in colour. Crystal or glass can work very well. You can get the vintage look if that is your thing, like it is mine very often, by finding just the right shaped crystal bead and bead cap to encase it.

The Versatility of an Emerald Green Necklace Set

If you have an emerald green necklace set you can actually wear it in many ways as with most jewellery accessories. Very often you can choose to wear one over the other, necklace or earrings.

I love to opt for the earrings alone when the clothing is detailed or the necklace alone with a simple metallic earring to make the look more casual. Forget a three piece set including a bracelet altogether. With three pieces you are really overdone in my opinion.

Nonetheless, there are no rules to wearing jewellery that I would like to impose or even adhere to except my own. I hope you feel free to mix it up in your own inimitable style and enjoy the joy that colours and textures of different stones, materials and varied styles can bring you.

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