Designing Unusual Earrings

Designing Unusual Earrings Is Easy

Why would I say that? Well.. When designing something unusual you just have to let your mind ramble. There's no pressure to conform and no real parameters except the ones you set yourself.

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It's like having a blank canvas. It is a freeing experience if you don't let yourself become pressurised by the experience. You just have to steer your mind in order to get into the right frame of mind to get you to where you want to go. It's like any creative expression. Creating something new is a reflection of where you are at a given moment. Unusual silver earrings for example as a starting point is bliss. It's an opportunity to indulge in dreaming with purpose and a little focus.

If you are not sure which way to go then you can encourage yourself with music to set the mood or the tone of the project and always having enough light helps I find.

Flashes of 'Ooh Yeah's'

A good hint for creating something unusual such as one of a kind earrings, is first, with a small basket or tray in hand, rummage through your beads and findings. These are the parts you use to join, string, glue or connect your beads and components together. Gather a collection that you think work together or are giving you inspirational thoughts and flashes of 'ooh yeahs'.

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Collect things in this 'mood basket', that inspire you even if you have no idea whether you will use them or have any idea how to incorporate them into your work. Their mere presence could be enough to tie your colour scheme together even if you replace them with something else later.

My Best Advice to You

Unusual things emerge from new ways of thinking and doing things. You have heard the famous expression before that necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, I believe that if you present yourself with a limited amount of beads and components you will be encouraged to come up with a new idea or even a new method or approach for doing something that has been done before.

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The possibility is that no one will ever have had quite the same constraints before and therefore the opportunity for new thoughts and neurological pathways to form is presented. The possibilities are always endless when it comes to creativity even if you don't feel inspired you will most likely come up with something good.

I Heard Something Inspirational

If you are worried about being unique or coming up with something new, one of a kind earrings for example or having your own style of dress then listen to this. Express yourself and you won't go too far wrong. Don't copy and don't pour out the expected. It is easier said than done you say?

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I read something inspirational that has been uttered by a famous artist though I can't remember who said it.. It went something like this. If you are worried about having your own style or about trying to be unique then don't worry.. You couldn't shake off or hide what is uniquely you if you tried to, so that is not a factor. This thought has stayed with me since I read it as I think it stands to reason.

If you are selling your wares you tend to try and guess the trend or the market which has often already formed. Going against the trends by creating unusual earrings or a new skirt for men could be daunting and a little fool hardy perhaps at times. You must trust however, that there are always other people like you who don't want to follow the trends and will buck the fashion suggestions made in the main stream.

Make your own Constraints

It may sound obvious but when you want to come up with a one of a kind earring design or unusual silver earrings etc with some constraints then consider these ideas.

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You can set a colour scheme, a theme, a purpose, an epoque, a proportion, a textural idea, a mood, a style, a seasonal style, a celebratory theme, a memory, a mood, an intellectual metaphor, a practical purpose etc. Sometimes, I have come up with some great ideas when other people commissioned work using their own chosen colour scheme which was a scheme I would never choose or even like normally. Although, I find that every scheme has it's merits when you look hard enough.

The Upshot Is..

The upshot is that unusual earrings and one of a kind earrings are not as inaccessible as they may seem and finding them is simple. Just pop along to a hand craft market, shop or website like Parade Handmade, (I'm not bragging of course), where you will find plenty of inspiration and plenty of unusual earrings and one of a kind earring designs.

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