'Whispers of Spring: My New Collections Quietly Unfold Behind the Curtains of Craft Workshops

Amanda Coen

Just like that we're off to another good start. Like a spring coiled and ready for action I have started to plan, design, collect and collate the content for my 'Whispers of Spring gift guide' containing the new collections which I will reveal in the first quarter of the year.. a date to be decided.. These thoughtful collections of unique craft pieces are typically small, due to the handmade nature of them. The members of my newsletter will get exclusive early bird access for a limited viewing time before the collections become available to the public. Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to know about the release date and to gain this exclusive early bird access!

Further Developments In the Craft Room

I have been really listening to customers and email members to help me come up with some of the new collections. It really is very exciting to incorporate the preferences and requests I receive. I have even deduced some ideas from previous orders made over the last few years and a few from the searches that were made on my website aswell. It's a little like being an armchair detective.

Floral appliqué embellishments for my new collections 2024 - Parade Handmade

I'll Give You a Clue

Take the new 'Slouchy Beret Hats: The Garden Collecton'for instance. It's hard to filter through all the possible designs that could be created but there has to be a perimeter to the madness. This time I have gone for pretty floral patterns embroidered onto each piece. (See one of these pretty floral patterns below featured on a very lightly slouched beret). It's time consuming but ultimately very satisfying to see the pretty designs unfold on each unique hat. Each hat is different and each embellishment is different but everything must be related to the garden. Here's a little peep below. Hit reply and let me know what you think or let me know if you have any suggestions I might incorporate.

Floral design on one of my my slightly slouchy berets - Parade Handmade

Floral embroidery design on a beret from one of my new 2024 collections - Parade Handmade

There's So Much More to Come

I have other collections simmering for this 'Whispers of Spring' gift guide and there are even more developing behind those ones though I have to reserve some for Summer, Autunm and Festive gift guides later this year. Some are held back due to time restraints, some suppliers need time to gather their own collections too and I think it's fun to break things up a bit into bite size seasonal collections. I have learned that it's a good idea to pace yourself as it's easy to become overwhelmed when things are exciting and it's easy to overwhelm other people aswell.

Boho Beret by Parade - a Sneaky peek at my Summer Collection - Parade Handmade

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Warmest wishes until next time, Amanda

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  • Looks like you’ve been busy, Amanda. I love the embroidered hat.
    Well done!

    Nuala King

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