What's Great about a Hand Knit Beanie from Ireland?

Amanda Coen

Hand Knit Beanie's from Ireland

So you'd like to know what's so great about them? Some of you may even wonder what they are.. Ha! Let's start there. In a 'beanie is a cap that fits the head closely, usually knitted from wool'. For our purposes this is our definition too or at least part of it. The other main detail is that it is brimless. (Though you can roll up a beanie to make a small turn up if you like). It offers a very clean fit and is a tidy stylish unobtrusive hat to wear. Check out the one below.

Cute Brown Hand Knit Beanie Hat with coloured flecks by Shoreline - Parade Handmade

Cute Brown Beanie Hat With Coloured Flecks - Shop Beanies Here!

With the myriad of beanie hats available both hand crafted but mostly machine knit then the hand knit beanie from Ireland is clearly special. It has a wholesome classic appeal that others just imitate. People need to create with their hands not just design things digitally. Industrialisation and the electronic age have all but killed the necessity for people to create wholesome clothing for their families. Although we benefit from some of the changes we have also lost that outlet for our creative minds and our heritage. There is no better source for hand knitted clothing, for those living in Ireland or for those who have connections to Ireland, than Ireland. Don't get me wrong. I am not snobbish about something that isn't handmade or even from another place. Let every person have their chance but I prefer to champion the hand knit industry here.

Check out this link to the IRISH EXAMINER article on the subject of the knitting and creativity revival generally.

'This is Knit: Creatives, your time has come'

Green Hand Knit Beanie from Ireland - Parade Handmade

Green Hand Knit Beanie From Ireland



Irish Wool is Second to None

We are all familiar with the big Irish woolen brands such as Foxford Woolen Mills, Donegal, Kerry Woolen mills etc. to name but a few. It is clear we have a rich heritage and long legacy when it comes to wool production and knitted garments in Ireland.

Great Hand Knit Beanie from Ireland - Parade Handmade

Great Hand Knit Beanies From Ireland

It makes me proud to wear Irish wool beanie hats or any other pieces of clothing that someone here has put their heart and time into. When you wear an item that someone else has actually made with their hands you honour that person and the tradition behind it. How better to honour your ancestors and country while making your purchase special and celebratory than to source hand knit beanie hats actually handmade in Ireland instead of simply tripping over mass produced beanies and buying them?


Irish Handmade Wool Beanies are Special but not Expensive

You might think first off, that Irish hand knitted beanie hats are expensive and you would be better off going for a mass produced one. Not necessarily so!


Gorgeous Hand Knitted Beanie Hats from Ireland - Parade Handmade

Gorgeous Hand Knitted Beanie Hats From Ireland

A hand knitted beanie hat can be expensive it's true but then so can anything really. It all depends on the target market so to speak. You have to know where to look...

Part of the prerogative of being Irish, living in Ireland, being of Irish heritage, the 'inner circle', is knowing where to find the best local products at the best prices. Parade Handmade sells to the local market so our prices for the best handmade products are not prohibitive. We want local people to be able to afford items of beauty made on their own doorstep. The quality and heritage embodied in our handmade products is testament to the commitment and talent of the makers. You can buy a beautifully hand knitted Irish wool beanie by a local home business at Parade Handmade from just €20.


Hand Knitting and The Myth of the Itch Busted!

Handmade Wool Beanies From Ireland - Parade Handmade

Lime Green Hand Knit Beanie From Ireland

There is that idea of course that if it's hand knit then it will itch. Well, the secret to that is to buy something that has a synthetic percentage or better still buy 100% Merino or Angora wool.

Believe me when I say that my 100% wool jumper has never itched and it is neither Merino or Angorra and neither have my Aran wrist warmers (30% wool) or hand knitted hats (varied wool content and often 100% wool). Another hint is to buy something that has a bit of 'give'. That way the wool is not pressed into your skin.

There is a Great Hand Knitting Wave Going on now!

If you want to buy Irish hand knit beanies then now is the time to do it. In years to come the legacy of Covid-19 will include the surge of hand knitted items available to you in Ireland.

The hand knit offering is awash with competition and variety. The wave is huge so keep an eye on the ball and you could bag yourself a piece of crafting history! Or better still learn to make your own. A good tip is that if you can only do plain and purl then buy yourself some variegated wool and that will make some interest and irregular pattern.



Great Hand Knitted hats from Ireland - Parade Handmade

Irish Wool Hat


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