Unique and Unusual Handmade Gifts - A Close Up Look

Unique and Unusual Handmade Gifts Crafted with Care: My Philosophy

At Parade Handmade, I believe that gift-giving is an art form—an opportunity to express love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. That's why each item in this festive gift guide is handpicked with care, representing the craftsmanship and creativity that make our offerings so special.

Discover a wonderful world of Handmade in my Festive Gift Guide 2023

For the Home: Handmade Decor

Transforming a house into a home is a beautiful endeavour and what better way to do it than with handmade decor?

Explore our selection of fabulous hand knitted tea cosies. These treasures will infuse any space with warmth, character and fun. They are great for bringing tea out to yourfavourite gardener and even off to the allotment if you have one. It will keep your hot beverage just that little bit hotter for longer.

Jewellery: A Touch of Elegance

Jewellery has a way of capturing hearts and telling stories. Lapanda Designs jewellery is an ever evolving adventure through colours and styles. Each design benefits from the inherant earthiness and beauty of natural gemstones and other magnificent beads. There's sure to be something to inspire your gifting.

Click the image to access my Lapanda Designs Collections

Purple Crystal drop earrings from the Vintage Affair Collection by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Whether drawn by the allure of a unique necklace, the delicate charm of handmade earrings or something with a bit of whimsy, Lapanda Designs has something for those searching for something different. 

Wooly Wonders: Cosy Comfort

When the temperatures drop, there's nothing quite like the cosy comfort of wool.

With fabulous collections of handmade wooly hats, scarves, and wrist warmers every piece of a Parade Handmade 'Essential Winter Warmers' collection is designed to keep your loved ones warm while adding a touch of style to their winter wardrobe. These pieces are more than just accessories. They're a warm embrace on a chilly day.

Click the image to access the 'Essential Winter Warmers' collection of my Festive Gift Guide 2023

The Joy of Giving

Choosing the perfect gift is a joyous journey, and the Parade Handmade festive gift guide is here to accompany you every step of the way.

Each item has been lovingly crafted to bring smiles and create cherished memories. When you select a gift from Parade Handmade, you're not just giving a physical object; you're sharing a piece of artistry and a slice of the handmade community's spirit.

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A Grateful Note

Before I conclude, I want to extend heartfelt gratitude to you, our wonderful community of supporters.

Your belief in the value of handmade creations fuels our passion and enables artisans to share their talents with the world. Thank you for being supportive to small business such as Parade Handmade.

With your help, we can look forward to making this holiday season an extraordinary one. Until next time, may your gift-giving be filled with joy and your days be merry and bright!

Warmest wishes, Amanda

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