Unique Gift Ideas to Thrill and Excite

The Expected Gift

Lets start with the 'expected gift'. You know what I mean. The ones that are partially or mainly needed and simply pose as gifts such as the mobile phone upgrade or the replacement earphones, screen protector or Winter boots etc...

Wrapping with Tissue Paper Pleats and Ribbon Example - Parade Handmade

Where these things bring you a little bit of excitement and thrills, they don't really strike a special chord even if they are the exact edition or model you imagine. They are what you would buy for yourself given the chance. So there is no real surprise factor or uniqueness factor either. You see?

These kinds of gifts are important so don't get me wrong and families need to do this as money at the best of times is not free flowing so allowing necessity to hijack gifting time is allowed and absolutely necessary.

What the Unexpected Gift Does

Little She Mouse and Her Cradle with Pink Crocheted Blanket by Ditsy Designs - Parade Handmade

To truly find a unique gift idea we must ditch this 'expected gift' gifting model and try to imagine what the individual would really get a thrill from. Something maybe that they would never buy for themselves. To do this we have to listen with a special radar. It is not hard but takes a little adjustment. It takes a little bravery on your part and it comes with a little risk. Of getting it wrong, that is.

You see that's another reason we go the expected gift route. We play it safe. We gift things a person needs, comforting ourselves with expressions like 'sure you couldn't go wrong' and 'it's a safe bet', etc. 'Perfect'... NOT PERFECT!!! Think socks and toiletry sets for men and you'll catch my drift.

 Discovering Unusual Gifts for Him or Her.. So How Is it Done?

So on to how it's done.. First of all finding unusual gifts for him and sourcing unusual gifts for her doesn't begin with popping to the shops during Christmas week, on Christmas eve, the birthday week or eve of the birthday etc. It is a thing you do always.

You simply keep the radar up at all times waiting for a flash of inspiration. Notice the little things about a person. What colour makes their eyes light up? What style gives them a kick? What makes them do a little giggle or grin?

Do they comment on something lovely someone else bought but maybe their own favourite colour is not practical matchy matchy beige but light blue or red? Basically you become a gift detective. Add up a few little details and see where it brings you. Considering the clues you collect, think whimsical, not practical.

Push the Boundries to Find Unusual Gifts for Her or Him

Big Zingy Summer Jewellery Collection by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

So you are still stuck and you don't know what to do about finding unusual gifts for him or her?.. How about pushing the boundaries a little? Not with expense. In my experience finding unusual gifts for her or him has nothing to do with cost. By pushing the boundaries I mean in the details....

Take these lovely wrist warmers by Shoreline featured. Perhaps blue is a more practical colour. It blends in with more outfits and would get more use... But no. Instead, think about getting something a bit braver and a little riskier... get the red. Yes, the red. Then think length.. an inch longer gives an extra inch of glam appeal. Don't you think? A bit luxurious and a bit decadent without being off the charts.

Great you have a great unusual gift idea for her. A little bit practical granted but a little bit unusual, exciting and a little bit thrilling.

So Yes, Add a Little Pizazz for Unique Gift Ideas

Turquoise Pottery Vase with Floral Relief Detailby Kurilla Pottery - Parade Handmdade

How do you add the pizazz? Simply go over the top a little. Choose your theme colour style or whatever and add a little extra. Go a little further. Just ask yourself, 'what would be a bit mad here?'..

For example. Imagine your unusual gifts for her hunt lead you to the colour turquoise, her love of flowers and the practical limits of her tiny bedsit in the city with a window sill for a garden...

My suggestion from Parade Handmade would be a pretty little turquoise vase with floral relief detail from Kurilla Pottery and a small bunch of garden flowers and foliage or a few pretty stems from a florist.

Gift Wrapping with Floral Theme Stock Image Found by - Parade Handmade

For extra pizazz remember it's not over when you choose the gift or even pay for it. That's just the start. You can now add a floral card echoing the colour theme and choose wrapping paper and string to match too. Squirt it with a floral scented perfume or pop a drop of essential oil somewhere inconspicuous. Add a flower bud to the bow or attach card with a floral sticker. It sounds like a lot of work but it's not and it will give you a sense of great satisfaction. That's what I would do.

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