Pendants and Medallions are King

Medallion Man

I remember as a child in the 70s running around wearing my mam's fake gold medallion shouting 'medallion man, medallion man'. Then falling around in stitches laughing while playing air guitar on an old tennis racket, which would also double up as a frying pan sometimes, by the way.

The medallion back then conjured up images of a 70's, American flare wearing hippy with sideburns, shades, big hair and the quintessential 70's attribute, a big hairy chest. This was hysterical to us as kids though I'm sure it held it's attractions to the equal and opposite female of the times.

Sentimental Inscriptions and Personalisation

Of course over the years the appeal of a large fake gold medallion has waxed and waned, mostly waned. However, medallions come in many colours, shapes and sizes thankfully. One that springs to mind is the gold coin on a thin gold chain which incidentally is not to my own taste but it seems the obvious one to me. 

Medalions lend themselves to having sentimental inscriptions being inscribed on them, so they serve as perfect gifts and heirlooms. Personalisation for anniversaries, birthays, love declarations and such is very popular and always will be. Inscribed medallions are a traditional gift and often one of the earliest gifted pieces of jewellery that  a person will receive. 

A Keepsake Pendant Can be a Dried Chestnut, If You Want


I am not a big fan of the traditional medalion I have to say though, I could be persuaded given good reason. I prefer the freedom of a pendant.

What is a pendant? Well anything that hangs as a focal piece on a chain, chord, string, ribbon etc. You can have a pendant on it's own or as a pendant necklace where the pendant is the focal point on a strand of beads. At present the pendant necklace is considered a little passe or even vintage and definitely retro.

I love the fact that the pendant can be anything. A keepsake, a dried chestnut if you want. A shell, a gold or silver nugget, a lucky charm, a caged stone, a ring that doesn't fit anymore, a piece of old sea glass or delph. A locket with a picture in it or a fragment of clothing. The list goes on. This is closer to my taste. Closer to the heart. Quite bohemian in style I suppose though I am not that exactly..

Hand Painted Designs on a Pendant Necklace or Medallion

I am developing ways to use my art skills to design accessories and jewellery at the moment. I have the print on demand part up and running which is a dream come true. However, I realise I want something more earthy, closer to home, more hands on, physical, handmade really.

I am doing plenty of research and ideas are beginning to form. I have started off with some picture pendants. Clay pendants where I hand paint quirky fun designs on a pendant or medalion. I am looking forwards to my next clay day. I also have other arty ideas underway where I can use the imagery from my paintings but that's for another day.

Popular Medalions and Charms

These days there is bigger demand for layered chain jewellery baring tiny motifs, medallions and charms. Though I like this popular style, it is not mine. Too fiddly, trendy and lacking in colour.

I prefer bigger things with beads and colour mostly. Things that can be changed up without too much costly commitment. Creativity is always moving so I like the freedom of continually moving through phases. With beads it's easy to change the piece but keep the beads so it remains sustainable. Gold and silver medallions have to be guarded and protected in case of loss or of being stolen. Life is too short to place so much attachment on a thing.


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