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The Quest for Quirky Earrings to Feed Our Sense of Wonder

Amanda Coen

My Quest for Quirky Earrings

Dreamy Delights One of A Kind Earrings by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

It is hard to get a world figure on this issue but, according to somewhere between 80% and 90% of American women have their ears pierced and the amount of men is increasing all the time. It is a similar story the world over allowing for cultural differences where sometimes the percentage is either higher or lower. Another fact is that the world is awash with earrings of different styles and qualities. When choosing a style some women/men lean toward the simple unobtrusive look in order to fill the space so to speak, others use the opportunity to express themselves. That is where the quest for quirky earrings comes in.


Clashing is Fine

Dreamy Delights One of A Kind Quirky Earrings by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Personally, I love to match colours. In fact I can't abide if, for some reason I leave the house in something that accidentally doesn't match something else. Clashing is fine as long as it is on purpose. To this end I have a lot of earrings in different colours and styles. What really thrills me is quirky earrings and sometimes even weird earrings will fit the bill too. Let me qualify weird earrings though. I don't mean any kind of weird. A weird earring can be quirky and different in a humorous and witty way or in a vintage or artistic fashion but I don't like macabre or ugly styles like wearing a rabbits foot or weird just to be weird in other ways like wearing a metal washer. There has to be something more to it to make a weird earring attractive and acceptable in my quest for quirky earrings. That being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it takes all sorts.

I have been designing earrings since 2006 or longer and I have tried out many styles and various techniques. Often times the earrings were pretty simple really, as long as the focal beads were beautiful, the right colour, size and weight. Earrings should not be worn heavy in the main, in my opinion. Somewhere along the way I became bored with making earrings because  I felt I had 'been there and done that'. In fact somewhere along the way I began to feel that about jewellery in general.


I've Been Visited by New Vigour

Dreamy Delights One of A Kind Quirky Earrings Floral Design, by Lapanda Designs - Parade Handmade

Recently however I have been visited by a new vigour in relation to designing  and creating jewellery. You might wonder why and how that occurred? Well, I will tell you. I asked myself what interests me when it comes to purchasing jewellery, if it ever comes to that. What do I look for in jewellery? What gives me buzz and what do I admire in other people's jewellery choices? Quirky earrings attract my attention and give me a thrill. The fact they are weird earrings would help in my decision to select them for me or a friend.

I decided to create a line of earrings which I have called 'Dreamy Delights', where every new pair would be a new fresh design dreamed up on the spot and never to be repeated. That way I would challenge my imagination and feed my curiosity when it came to design and creation. Quirky earrings and quirky jewellery in general are my holy grail. I may continue to create pretty and sometimes classic styles which are desirable and always have a place but Dreamy Delights offers me space to flit about in my imagination on a regular basis. Fun and frivolous. Sultry and sexy. Long and luscious. Vintage and romantic. Dainty and sweet. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. With my new quirky earring line I will go where the mood takes me or go where the beads take me more like. That can't be bad!




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