Moving Forwards In Uncertain Times - So What's Next?

Amanda Coen



So Here We Are...

Yes, here we are indeed. Covid-19 is part of our day to day reality. The wonder of it all has passed. The frenzy has subsided and we are now for all intents and purposes used to it being around. All be it that the threat of the virus still abounds.

We Haven't Run Out Of Toilet Roll..

So, our day to day lives for the most part has steadied itself up on the sea of uncertainty, for the moment at least. If we are lucky, there has been no huge changes in our personal lives besides a few travel restrictions and a few bits of protocol to follow in public places and groups etc. Sanitizers at the ready and dressed up in masks of all sorts and sizes we can go shopping and all. We haven't run out of toilet roll or flour and our freezers are not filled to capacity with supplies in case of total decimation of the food supply chain. 

It is hard not to notice the forward march of life. It stops for nothing. People have suffered and are still suffering. The aftermath for some people is painful. Many lives have been lost and in very sad and unfair circumstances. Yet, on goes the world, spinning and spinning. Everybody is grappling with 'what next?'. 'how should we approach what is coming?', 'What exactly is coming?'...

I Do Not Consult Social Media

For me, the best way and the only way to manage the deluge of information and discussion about the corona virus, the fall out and all of the politics being discussed at the moment, is to limit the amount of time spent dwelling on it all. I am sure it is the same for many. I listen to the news once a day for a brief round up of the day's happenings and maybe allow myself to focus on one part or another of the day's affairs. Then, off with the radio and I definitely do not consult social media for any of that kind of information. I know what's good for me!

 "A Watched Kettle..."

The rest of my time is spent continuing with my own plans. Appreciating the beauty all around me, the kindnesses shown, the cakes baked, visits made etc. I march on as steadily as I can toward my goals day after day, trying not to let mood dictate too much. Creative work, admin work and more personal goals, big and small. I often wonder whether I am getting anywhere at all really. Then sometimes I look back and see how far I've come. I can easily have both views in the same minute. I suppose it's not a good idea to take too much notice of one's progress as one goes along. The old adage, 'A watched kettle never boils', comes to mind...

Little Victories Won

When you leave the educational system, you leave behind the measuring stick of exams with results doled out as merits, mediocres, goods, bads, excellents and distinctions. So now, although you may cram your head with new information every day, it is difficult to give it notice and to give yourself the credit due for the effort put in and the little victories won. So I remind myself that we need to sit back sometimes and give notice and appreciation for these things. Otherwise, what is the point? The journey is the point of course but also the satisfaction of a job well done. Something achieved,  something accomplished. We should not expect either to perform at the same level each day, of course, or even get the result we feel is worthy of the effort we put in in a day or even a week. Some days are not for achieving anything at all. Some days are for dreaming and scheming. Kicking back, playing truant so to speak. Some days are for surviving. No expectations or recriminations for slow or non-existent work. Some day are for just being.

 A Big, Unfolding, Tumbling Adventure

One good thing I learned this week from a social media source was this... not to compare your beginning to someone else's middle. I really like that. This is food for thought for a fledgling business like mine. These are the kind of things I would like to share with everyone who needs a boost but, some of those who just received their Leaving Cert results, might really need to know. There are those, who have somehow miraculously fallen naturally into their groove already and will hit their goals early in life. That is great for them. For many, in my experience, the leaving cert is a stepping stone from where life unfolds. A big, unfolding, tumbling adventure. Always moving, always developing and always becoming. Exams are important. They generally are at least. They may help you get closer to where you are headed at present, give you a starting point, a springboard into the world, so to speak. Something you will always have in your arsenal for life. I believe it is usually best to give them your undivided attention or your best shot at least, (so with luck you only have to do them once). Then, based on how successful they are for you, you can decide your next course of action.... over and over again until you get to where you are going....they do not however, determine the quality or success you make of your life... that is down to you and your commitment to living your best life, for the rest of your life.

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