Gardeners Gifts and Floral Delights

Amanda Coen

Gardeners Gifts and Floral Delights

Colourful Pottery Flower Bunch By Kurilla Monika - Parade Handmade

It's that time of year again isn't it. When everything is bursting out all over and the birds are having a great time in the glory of Summer. Not that you would think it today. It is bucketing down outside in the west of Ireland at the moment. All of our semi-feral wild cats are cosy in their beds here! Tabby, White Cheeks, Buster, Miss Prim and Miss Molly. I would love to climb into a fleece lined wine crate beside them all and snuggle up today too.

Instead I decide to write about floral art and gardeners gifts and why not? It is one way to brighten a dull and blustery day. Although, my big secret is that I really love this kind of day when nothing big is expected and there are no great demands besides the ones you set yourself and you can get things done under the radar. Oh Yeahhh!

 'Floral' Is Such A Beautiful Word

Flower Garden Quirky Handmade Tea Cosy by Shoreline - Parade Handmade

Floral decor, floral decoration and floral art of all kinds adorn the halls of our waking hours. Is there any wonder? Flowers have the power to give that instant 'wow' factor and those perfume laden moments of sensory pleasure. Even if it is floral art or imitation in it's many forms, a perfect surprise of nature in it's most beautiful form can be evoked by the vision of florals. Subjectivity aside of course.

We try to emulate floral beauty at every opportunity. We squeeze it into our home decor, our work areas and even our cars. Cushions, paintings, cards, wallpaper, carpets, phone covers, wall hangings, curtains, clothes and the list goes on and on. Floral decoration never gets old. Floral art abounds and they love it the world over as do we at Parade Handmade! Oh Yes!

Flower Lovers

Handmade Vintage Floral Greeting Cards by Parade - Parade Handmade

Flower lovers are in their element at this time of year. They can revel in visions of their favourite world beauties. I am one of those lovers. I am a casual flower lover however, in that I have little knowledge of growing flowers. Naming flowers is more often than not, a guessing game. I am delighted when I get one right.

Their beauty is indisputable though. Perhaps my ignorance is helpful to me in order to dream more. Sometimes information dulls ones appreciation of a subject somewhat. An ignorance is bliss sort of thing. Like Rhododendrons for example, (top marks for me for remembering the name).. they are stunning but are not native and affect our own eco system as they tend to take over... such a pity.

Floral Art and Patterns of All Kinds

Blue and Pink Floral Baby Patchwork Quilt, by Sew What's New - Parade Handmade

For some reason, when I try to conjure up examples of floral decor and art from memory, Sherlock Holmes' floral curtains with their dark background and white floral theme keeps springing to mind, so I had better mention it. I love the decor of his quarters. Floral chinzy patterns on dark backgrounds have made a come back in recent years and I am in love with it. They evoke for me a dark sultry pleasure and luxurious rooms of opulent furniture and soft furnishings. Luxurious floral overkill, 'absolutement!'

Yellow Flag Irises Art Card by Nuala Brett-King - Parade Handmade

I love Nuala Brett-Kings yellow 'Flag Irises' and 'Irises', art cards. They remind me of vintage floral decor in an art deco or art nouveau style. My favourite. Think about tiny floral patterns on cotton material, embroidery-anglaise and all of the floral art by the impressionists. 'Waterlillies', by Claude Monet, 'Sunflowers', by Van Gogh' and 'Flower Garden', by Gustav Klimt. How wonderful to have these works in our consciousness or to have a print on our walls and to be in a position to ponder them.

Gardeners' Gifts in All Shapes and Forms

 Cute Little Hedgehog Nestling in His Leaf by Ditsy Designs - Parade Handmade

Gardeners gifts are a pleasure to behold. You can choose from a wholesome array of possibilities. From practical garden accessories to floral imagery of all kinds, note books for garden 'journalling' and planning. There's tonnes of clothing accessories or simply anything with a garden theme, garden creatures or floral themed decoration such as a hat, bag or brooch etc etc etc available everywhere and for every pocket.

Parade Handmade has tonnes of handmade things of beauty to choose from as gardeners' gifts. I will leave links to various collections in this blog post. Let me give you a few ideas...

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Gardener's Tea Cosies & Other Themes, by Shoreline

Floral Art Card Packs & More, by Jane Dunn of Cards From Ireland

Garden Themed Fridge Magnets & More, by Ditsy Designs

Vintage Floral Handmade Card Packs & More, by Parade

Original Floral Art Cards, by Noreen Sadler

Floral Design Fairy Art Prints on various items such as tote bags, mugs, laptop cases etc, by Parade  (Print on demand products that have a lead in time as they have to be printed after you request it through your order.)

Lucky Recycled Horseshoe Gifts, by Liffey Forge

Pottery Flowers and Vases by Kurilla Pottery

Floral Decoupaged Boxes by Kira

Patchwork Baby Quilts by Bernie Walsh

Floral Earrings by Lapanda Designs


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