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Luxury Phone Holder collection from Ireland - Parade Handmade


Despite my current online business, I have never really embraced technology as being personal to me. In fact I didn't own a phone, TV or a computer until I was in my 30s. I didn't even have a car or drive until then either. I knew how to work a Mac for design and passed all the necessary computer modules in schools and various courses. I could even code a basic quiz but I just wasn't interested in having tech 'stuff' in my house...

I am not attracted to the aesthetic of tech. The black stuff. Metal and plastic attachments, wires, screens and plugs.. Eughh!

On Mobile Stands and Other Relevant Research

A trio of luxury phone stands for desks from Parade Handmade Ireland


Through researching relevant gift items to offer my customers in my online business I have discovered that there are things that make the tech world 'nicer' or more aesthetically pleasing so to speak and I am not talking about content. I am talking about paraphernalia. Phone holders, mobile stands and more specifically, phone stands for desks.

I love my new makes I have to say. They are both handy and luxurious. Quirky enough to be interesting and practical enough to be useful in today's world.

Colourful and handy phone holders are a handy aid for studying - Parade Handmade

These little phone stands are light weight and lend themselves design wise to a living environment. They will add something to the decor and not cause your living space to look like an office or a space station. (My phone holders are not recommended to those who like that aesthetic).. I realise that the basic idea is not unique but I have made a few to make mine better I believe or at least to appeal to my sense of style.


What are the Outstanding Design Features of My Mobile Stands?

They are basically a pyramid shaped cushion with a little step added on the front  on which to lean your phone securely while you enjoy having your hands free.

Luxury Phone Stands give you a hands free advantage - Parade Handmade

What are the unique design features of my phone holders?

1) I use interesting upholstery materials which are often recycled and arty looking. This way they can contribute to your living style to make a design statement along with being a practical and necessary item.

Phone holders with interesting upholstery material designs - Parade Handmade

2) I have added the tassels to give a little distinction of luxurious decadence to the mobile phone holder. I make the generous tassels from scratch from matching coloured threads and yarns. I can also from time to time, save tassels from products I buy, like saving buttons from old worn out garments, just in case I can then use them in a design some time.

Pretty tassels on these phone holders are an added design feature - Parade Handmade

3) Another design feature I often include in a phone stand for desks is a little hanger incorporated into the tassel chord so you can put it out of reach on a little hook if you want to clear a space for any reason. This way you don't have to put it on the floor and the visual contribution of the pattern and colour is still apparent when you are not even using it. Much like a cushion adds to the style of a room by highlighting and complimenting the colour scheme and theme of a room.

The added design feature of a hanger is great on these phone holders - Parade Handmade


Is a Phone Stand Part of Your Everyday Too?

I notice the fact that these little phone holders are part of our everyday and baring this in mind they will have an effect on us. Perhaps the effect is unnoticeable for the most part with regular holders except for the handy hands free attribute but it could be different, better. Hopefully the effect is obvious when you have one of my phone holder designs. I want them to be practical of course but uplifting and fun too.

Phone holders with a luxurious exotic twist and beautiful design - Parade Handmade


Cute desirable and sexy little additions to your decor. These cute little phone holders actually remind me of Bedouin tents and exotic places full of plants with big leaves and hot air. That's why I have handbag designs, birds, dragonflies, flowers, teacups, teapots, coffee pots etc. What a fabulous thing for a college student, a blogger or a crafter. You need those digits for other important work not for holding a phone!

These practical life objects should be things that make us smile and lift us up. The things that transport us.They give us pleasure and pique our imagination. I feel I could continue to design these little phone stands and never run out of ideas because they inspire fun and innovation. They are handmade but don't feel like hard work. I hope you like them too!

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