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Famous Female Artists - How Many Can You List?

Amanda Coen

Who are Your Favourite Artists?

That's easy to answer even if you are not passionate about art or creativity in general. Some names are hard to miss even amidst all the noise. After that ask yourself who else do you know but whose work you do not like amongst artists. The look and see of all of these two lists how many are female? Then how many are famous female artists who changed the course of history in any way. The further you go into it the harder it gets.

I thought I was going to do a little piece about my favourite female artists until I embarrassed myself with how little I actually know about female artists in general. Famous or not famous. I have been looking at what's just in front of my nose and missing the bigger picture for quite a while now it seems. I know what I like when I see it and I do have some favourites but I definitely need to swat up on this area. I intend to make it my mission.

These Are Some of My Favourite Female Artists

I have a few favourite famous female artists on the tip of my tongue. Pauline Bewick, Freda Kahlo, Grandma Moses (One of the most prolific female artists who took up are in her 80's), Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, Elaine Murdock and Sharon McDaid though I have only recently noticed the last two.

There are more that I cannot remember off the cuff. Imagine that. I would recognise the art but maybe not the name as it happens and I could know little or nothing about them. I like some local female artists too of course but for my purposes to this time I am focusing on famous female artists and the lack thereof.

Why Do You Think It's We Can List So Few?

I am presuming you had difficulty of course, in coming up with a list. If you didn't I both commend you and envy you. Why do you think we know so little about female artists in general and why does it seem there have only been a few maverick famous females who affected history in great ways?

You may have guessed. Female artists have been systematically overlooked and their work often wrongly attributed to men throughout history and their work has been grossly undervalued much like the female population in general.

I saw a television programme today which quoted Darwin. In was shocked about what he had to say about men and women as in how it came about that men are superior to women. That wasn't very long ago. It is easy to see why it has been so difficult for women to get to where they are and why many are so angry with the status quo and mostly why there was a feminist movement needed.

Why Is It Important to Get to Know Female Artists?

Artists record history in a way historians don't. Art evokes conversation and questions. It stirs up emotions and educates us. it represents who we are as people at this time. It is good for both men and women.

Women don't need to rise up to dominate men but to take their place at the table as they say. They must have their say. To give everyone their say and their rights to advocacy, to be seen, heard and cared for would be to help give balance to a tipsy world.


 Keep an Eye Out for Your Favourites

Pay Attention to Female Artists and keep a wary eye out for your favourites. Ask yourself why you like their work. What does it do to you? Does it affect you? Does it stir you in any way and ask yourself why.


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