Lapanda Designs Jewellery - Repairs, Upstyling, Designing

Parade - Felt Hats and Other Accessories, Art, Cards.

Shoreline Bags - Knitted Accessories, Tea Cosies.

Ditsy Designs - Fairy Doors, Bookmarks, Keyrings, Fridge Magnets and Other Fun Accessories.

Jada Crafts Ireland - Childrens and Adults Accessories

Liffey Forge - Decorated Worn Horse Shoes

Cards of Ireland - Art Cards

Mindfulness Matters - Mindfulness Cds

Ann Henrick Cards - Photography and Art

Bridie Murray - Aran Wrist Warmer Knitting

Kurilla Monika - Pottery

Jo' Knits - Knitted Hats and Scarves

Marjory Wilson - Colouring Books

Bridget Clarke - A-Z of Animals Book

Rose Coen - Beanies

Frank McNeela - Turned Pens

Nuala Brett-King - Art and Art Cards

Noreen Sadler - Art and Art Cards

Kevin Smith - Aerial Photographic Prints