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Competition Terms and Conditions

Hi There!


Welcome to the Parade Handmade 'Who's A Creative Genius Then?', Photo Competition! Well done & thank you to all of our participants! This competition has ended but there will be others from time to time. Keep an eye out on our Instagram & Facebook pages or sign up for our newsletter so you won't miss anything! THE  PARADE HANDMADE GAZETTE

1) Name and Contact Details Of Promoting Brand.

Parade Handmade. Amanda Coen.

2) Dates Of Contest. (Deadline Extended to 15/07/2020  Due To Covid-19 Interruptions.)

Resulting from Covid-19 restrictions our competition deadline has been extended from the original plan below to 15/07/2020 at 23.59 GMT

From 01/02/2020 until 30/04/2020 at 23.59 GMT

3) Who Can Enter?

Anybody who is 18 years+  can enter. Those who are between 13 and 17 must have parental consent. Baring in mind we may use the images in our future promotions and particularly the winning image.

4) How To Enter?

A) Follow @parade_handmade on Instagram.

B) Post your own photo or video based on the theme 'Who's A Creative Genius Then?' From 1st February to 31st July 23.59 GMT, 2020

C) Include #Whosacreativegeniusthen? and #paradehandmadegiftsforyou & tag yourself if you like.

5) How A Winner Is Chosen.

The winning image/video will be selected by considering how many likes it gets and the opinion of a selected jury/panel of imagery experts such as photographers and artists. The jury's word is final.

6) When And How The Winner Will Be Informed.

The winner will be informed by email on Sunday 19th July 2020. If they do not respond by email by 11.59 GMT Wednesday 23rd July 2020 they will be informed that a different worthy winner is to be chosen.

7) When And How The Winner Will Be Announced.

The name of the person with the winning entry will be announced on Instagram and Facebook on Sunday 19th July 2020. It will also be announced in the Parade Handmade Blog and Parade Handmade Gazette News and other media at our discretion. 

 8) The Time Period The Winner Has To Claim Their Prize.

As mentioned in No.7, the winner must respond and claim their prize within 3 days otherwise they forfeit the prize.

 9) What Is The Prize?

  1.  A Bespoke Parade Felt Hat Based On Your Winning Entry.
  2.  A Great Goodie Bag Of Parade Handmade In House Products, Including A Selection Of Beeswax Candles, Lapanda Designs Gemstone Necklace and Earrings Set, A Parade Felt Brooch and A Surprise! 
  3.  Parade Handmade Will Utilise Your Image In Subsequent Promotions Using Your Name For Source Credit.

10) Can The Prize Be Swopped For Credit, Cash or Something Else?

No. The prize is as described above in NO. 9.

11) How And When Will The Prize Be Delivered?

 When we get in touch with the winner we will chat about the size and design of their new bospoke felt hat. Their preferred colour scheme, style and size etc. As the hat will be handmade especially to the winner's specifications there will be a delay in receiving that part of the prize. The winner can opt to wait until their hat is finished to receive the full prize or we can arrange that the Goodie Bag be posted immediately followed by the hat a few weeks later. (The length of time depends on whether the correct coloured wool needs to be ordered for the hat).

12) We Can Use The Images You Post At Our Discretion For Publicity.

13) This Promotion Is Not Sponcored, Endorsed or Admimistered By or Associated With Instagram Or Any Other Social Media Platform Used Throughout The Contest.

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