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Gifts of Books and Stationery

Contrary to the current reliance on the digital world writing cards and letters has not totally gone away. Especially cards and notes. There is something romantic and thoughtful in communicating by card or letter. The paraphernalia related to written correspondence is lovely too.

It's always handy to have a little stash of cards to hand and I usually pile mine on a little shelf at my desk where they can get a bit tossed and crumpled sometimes. That's why I've come up with a Card and Letter Sleeve design to include with all of these beautiful art cards, handmade cards, pens, books and bookmark sets.

If you know someone who loves stationery then a great idea is to select a bundle of cards together that you think they might like to have in their stash and I'll tie them in a bundle with ribbon and wrap them for you too.

Every item in this collection has been either crafted from scratch with love and dedication to the craft or has been printed from an original painting or drawing by the artist. I'm sure you will find some beautiful gift ideas here. 

With FREE eco friendly wrapping and packaging you can't go wrong.