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Amanda Coen

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What a beautiful day! 

Yes, it is a perfect day to get your crafting projects out and spend an hour or two playing and relaxing your mind! Oooh! Luxury...

We at Parade Handmade source our products as locally as possible. You can find truly unique and interesting gifts here. They are special because they are embued with labour, tradition, creativity and love. 

There is an intangible quality in a hand crafted item. There is evidence of creative energy, imagination and excitement. The talent, craftsmanship and drive required to develop an idea is displayed in every finished hand made gift.

For years Ed & I worked on craft fairs and markets up and down the country. The talk amongst the crafters was always wistful about how great it would be if only we could have an outlet to show our products without having to haul them around the country. It takes a lot of time and energy to present the work as well as possible in all sorts of weather and conditions, only to dismantle the display again a few hours later to start the journey home, until the next market day.

So PARADE the shop and café was born. We had our lovely bricks and mortar shop for almost 4 years in Newport, Co Mayo. It was a great place to represent many of our fellow artisans and artists and to meet more like minded people. We had a total ball with all the creative scope and industry that our little shop and café offered. We had many chats, craft days where we bounced around some new ideas. We even had a few sing-songs on occasion when someone with an itch to play the guitar popped by. That along with our lovely Parade Hot Chocolate Specials and 'The Best Coffee In Town', it was said, 😉, we had it good & we met some very special people. 

It was a great success when our beautiful town had its seasonal surges of people. Even with the fine support of local custom the off season drop in visitors was getting too hard to weather so Parade unfortunately had to close.....

....and so we are reborn as PARADE HANDMADE, the online outlet for handmade gifts from ireland. It has made a great start since we opened at the beginning of August. We are thrilled with the feedback from our social media followers many of whom are Newport locals and customers who visited us in PARADE!! Thank you everybody! 💖

With that in mind we are working out ways to thank our supporters....

So we have begun with free postage for everybody in ireland with over €50 spent!

Locals to Newport, or those staying for a while, can avail of our Free Postage rate if they arrange to collect their order within a week, from Ashling's Discount Supermarket on Main St. Newport!

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So for now, on this lovely Irish weather day, we will head off to dream up more creations and ways to encourage you to do the same perhaps! 

Thanks for reading! Amanda 🤗

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